Plant pot design, trendy, elegant

brown braided potty cover original design potty design

Do you like flowers? Do you want a design flowerpot and modern for your interior or exterior? A gallery of models of cache pots design is at your disposal.

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The example below is very original. The Bellila design studio has created this rectangular table with an integrated plant pot. A very interesting idea!

Rectangular table with a design flowerpot by Bellila

cache pot rectangular table pot holder console table bellila design

White plant pots by Vondom: a young and dynamic company in the field of modern design. The goal is to create furniture that is both elegant and accessible. This furniture is part of the Pezzetina collection consisting of a sofa, an armchair, a chair, a table and planters in pure white!

White planters and design by Vondom

hiding pot design white landscaping terrace

The design of this garden furniture with a white pot cover was created by designer Karim Rashid for Vondom. The oval shapes give the feeling of softness and subtlety. If you want a real garden furniture with an impressive design, this is the perfect option for you.

Planter and garden furniture design, Karim Rashid

cache pot design outdoor garden furniture

This iron "pot-pot" was created by Ferm Living. It is both discreet and attracting attention with its original design. It's perfect if you do not want to put your plants in height or on the ground. You no longer fear that your dog or cat will hurt your plants!

Iron pot holder by Ferm Living

Iron pot holder by Ferm Living

This white planter was created by Offecct. It is a Swedish company founded in 1990. The goal is to create furniture functional and practice using the latest modern technologies. They use recycled and recyclable materials.

White flowerpot by Offecct

flowerpot white flowerpot

These plant pots created by Vondom are very large and bright

garden pot bright vondom design

Gastone Group is a company based in Italy. It specializes in the manufacture of indoor furniture. Each piece is made by a craftsman with quality wood. The furniture is an impressive elegance. Their solid wood planters are perfect for creating a luxurious interior in your room.

Solid Wood Flowerpot by Gastone Group

Solid wood design flower pot Gastone Group villa venezia design

Modern interior with wooden flowerpot, Gastone Group

hiding wooden design pot massig Modenese Gastone Group villa Casanova

Wooden flowerpot and very design, Gastone Group

cache pot design wood modenese gastone villa venezia armchair floor

Idea of ​​luxurious wooden flowerpot - Gastone Group

solid wood potty cover luxury design red armchair

Xpot is a simple looking plant pot that installs on the wall. It makes it easy to introduce vegetation using horticultural pots of varying sizes. We have the opportunity to install the plants without stealing the furniture. To you to decline the number of pots on the walls, their size and their location. You can get the plant surface to the desired size.

Solid oak flowerpot, made in France, Xpot

oak planter Xpot Compagnie design

Xpot oak flowerpot close up

ceramic pot plant idea interior design plant

Wooden flowerpot, LgTek Outdoor

flowerpot wood design flowerpot lgtek outdoor

Birch flowerpot

birch flowerpot hanging design flowerpot

DIY wool planter idea

DIY wool planters

Large white potty pot, Pezzettina, Vondom

wholesale design white potty

The design pots and pans from the Pazzetina collection by Vondom

white flowerpot modern design Vondom plant design

Black plant pots, Vasija Redonda design by Vondom

Black design plant pots Vasija Redonda Vondom

Large planter, design Ramon Estebe by Vondom

big white planter design vondom ramon estebe

White planters by Offecct

white planter white coffee table plant offecct

De Castelli Planters

cache pot design resistant design De Castelli plant

white porcelain flower pot design table

Bright garden pots, design Teresa Sapey chemistubes

pot holder white design resistant pretty beach vondom design

garden flowerpot white Organic Vondom design

hiding pot design bright garden flowerpot light

Furniture and plant pot design by Karim Rashid for Vondom

black flowerpot hanging pot idea design daniel-company

pot hanging idea pot ceramic

hanging flowerpot idea potty

cache pot design steel design

brown braided potty cover original design potty design

hiding pot aluminum design green pad offecct hiding plant design

blank plastic jar design by normann copenhagen

red white potty cover design orchid

plant pot design cache pots white pure size pot plant

cache pot design steel modern cuisine aitio iittala

design yellow design pot-holder Aitio iittalia

plant pot design rectangular console plant plant pot flowerpot design bellila

bench cache pot integrated volcano plant bellila plant pot design

design bench plant pot design integrated design-bellila

coffee table design volcane plant pot coffee table design bellila

coffee table volcano pot holder volcano design low table bellila

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