Plants and garden: vegetable paradise in town

Living in the city does not mean taking a distance from nature! On the contrary, the more we are in town, the more we want to have contant with the plant world. In each city, there are parks, but it is sometimes difficult to enjoy regularly.

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How then to have a plant presence everyday? If you have this desire, we invite you to discover our selection of plants and garden to see how you can create your little plant paradise on your balcony, terrace or living space.

Plants and garden: pot of flowers with succulents

The plant offers us an important presence of nature in the everyday city life. The purification of the air we breathe every day is done thanks to the plants. If you live in the city, in a small apartment, the presence of some pots of flowers will change the whole atmosphere of the room. If you have an outdoor area, do not hesitate and treat it well to always have a garden or a small landscaped well. Moreover, in terms of decoration, there is nothing prettier than the natural decoration.

Plants and garden: ideas of original flower pots

Here is an example of decoration with succulents in original flower pots and pieces of glass around. For the realization of this composition, you will need a larger space. Plants fat are known for their resistance and exotic aesthetics. They are easy to find and take a long time. Yout like other plants, they purify the air. On the other hand, they do not require much care. Do not forget to water them from time to time.

Impressive and very original decoration and vegetation

deco interesting appart succulent plant vegetation

Water basin with plants

Ideas for original flower boxes

plant garden idea terrace apartment flowerpot wooden fat plant

Mini vegetal decoration

Rich plant decoration for outdoor space

Flowerpot in Pierre and ceramic flower pot

garden plant deco appart flowerpot stone

Vegetable decoration on natural wood furniture

Colorful wooden flower box

tray flowers wood plant fat wood table

Nature and the city

plants and garden deco terrace appart idea flowerpot

Vegetation in an urban dwelling

Plant presence in the living room

Rich and joyful decoration for your garden

living room garden resin braided parasol vegetation plants

If you have a house and a garden, you can create a real paradise in the city ...

plants and garden fountain palm vegetation garden idea palms

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