Plants for bathrooms: care and advice

bathroom plants

of the bathroom plants It's beautiful, it's fresh, it's a great idea! Some people believe that plants in general have no place in a bathroom.

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But we will prove that this is not always the case. It is true that a plant for bathroom, must tolerate moisture and heat. Tropical plant varieties are best suited. the more traditional orchids, adapt very well placed on the edge of a window.

Bathroom plants: depolluting and decorative

plants for modern bathroom

The bolder can try the plant Tillandsia , which grows above ground in driftwood. You can opt for varieties of Anthurium fern or other aromatic plants are also a solution to give a little color and joy to your bathroom. Plants should not be affected by the shower spray. So put them in a protective way. It is advisable to put them in front of your mirror, in this way they will have a double dosage of light.

Bathroom plants provide a beautiful floral decoration

floral deco plants for bathroom

Some bathroom plants require some shelves in height so that their branches will descend nicely down. If you have space, put a few small flowering plants like on a separate shelf or in front of the mirror . And choose colored pots that are in harmony with the dominant color of the bathroom. Bathroom plants need more attention. The leaves should be cleaned with a damp cloth once a week.

A beautiful idea to integrate plants for bathroom

deco bathroom plants

For plants with fuzzy leaves that collect dust, it is best to avoid them when choosing plants for the bathroom. However, it is best to wash your plants under the running water of a shower, especially if the leaves are so numerous, and it is tiring to wipe each leaf individually.

A white bathroom with green plants

plants for bathroom shelves

When the flowers start to look bad, regardless of your care, simply take them out of the bathroom. After a month or two, they look good, and you can import them again for the pleasure of your eyes and for a perfect floral decoration.

Sometimes an orchid changes the atmosphere in not the small rooms

plants for small bathroom

Minimal but effectively aesthetic decoration

floral deco plants for bathroom

A little decorated bath with green plants

bathroom plants bathtub

A modern bathroom with an original floral decoration

white bathroom plants

the orchid is a must of the decorative flower

orchidee bathroom plants


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