Platform bed: 6 reasons to love the platform bed


Maybe you like your traditional four-foot bed and most people feel happy to sleep in a bed like this. But if you are looking for some interesting new idea, you may have to think of a platform bed .

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Why? Platform beds have existed for a very long time but have become popular only very recently and especially in the natural and organic market. The platform beds incorporate a bedstead or foundation into the design of their frame using either a solid surface or wooden slats. The platform bed allows the mattress to be placed directly on the bed frame without the need for a foundation or bed base to support it. It also eliminates the need for a bed skirt to hide the box spring.

Industrial style bedroom with platform bed

bed room industrial style

The fact that you do not need a bed base or a foundation is obviously the first reason we love platform beds so much. Solid and close slats support the bed mattress or, in some cases, it is a solid platform. Many people who love modern design highly appreciate the sleek and less bulky profile of the platform bed. Note that the design with slats offers better ventilation of the mattress than the solid platform.

Modern wooden platform bed in a room decorated in red and white

bed deco deco bedroom

Several, but not all, platform beds are placed closer to the floor than traditional beds. This increases the perceived height of the ceiling and can create the illusion of having a much more spacious room. But do not worry - in case you still want a full-sized bed to ease your movements when you go to bed or get up, you'll find plenty of specially designed stand-up beds.

Decorated podium bed with LED lights

bed stage LED deco lights

The simplicity of a lower bed recalls the Zen and Asian decor and for many people it evokes a more basic and natural atmosphere to sleep. For other people, the lower bed just makes the road to morning yoga a lot easier. Many platform beds incorporate mattresses made of natural and non-toxic materials that contribute to well-being.

Very elegant design room with podium bed

minimalist design bedroom bed

Some models of beds are available with drawers and storage shelves under the bed. By choosing such a model, you will then optimize the storage space in your bedroom and maintain it more airy which is really important for the good sleep. You can even use storage drawers under the bed instead of a separate dressing room if you like, for example, the minimalist style.

Podium bed in dark wood

modern solid wood platform bed

Unlike the springboard that will sag over time, the quality platform bed will last much longer. It is important that the slats are strong enough to support the weight of the mattress and the person who sleeps there. Avoid constructions with glue and staples that often develop squeaks . Opt for quality materials and your bed will last a very long time.

Contemporary design bedroom with podium bed

natural wood platform bed

Depending on the manufacturer, materials and design, the beds can be more or less expensive. Their simplicity makes them a very versatile option for furniture manufacturers. The styles available on the market are really numerous and you must choose the one that fits your room decor, as well as your lifestyle. What is most important is to choose durable and quality materials.

Podium bed with storage space

bed estrade idea design room

Bedroom with podium bed with storage drawers underneath

bedstead contemporary design idea

Stylish round podium bed

round form platform bed

bed wooden floor idea room

modern wooden platform bed

bed ultra modern room

modern room deco bed

contemporary wood design platform bed

ultra modern design platform bed

bed estrade idee deco room

blue modern platform bed

red lacquered platform bed

bed stage storage drawer

modern round platform bed

Asian style platform bed

gray modern fabric platform bed

bed platform deco elegant

wooden design bed platform bed

chalet-style bed platform bed

ultra modern bed platform bed

bed platform design room

bed platform design idea

bed platform design interesting

bed platform design interesting bedroom

original design platform bed

platform bed wood steps

bed platform idee asian room

bed platform idee deco

bed platform idee deco room

bed modern platform idea

bed platform storage idea

bed platform hanging idea

bed platform fabric idee

bed ultra modern platform white

podium bed bedroom wall bricks

black leather podium bed

luxury ultra modern podium bed

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