Plywood stands out at Home 09 the Dutch

plywood casing fireplace living room stay

The plywood is an ideal material for interior decoration, inexpensive, resistant, ecological and easy to use. In addition, he is wonderful in his functionality and minimalism.

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Interior designers of the design house i29 took the plywood of pine wood and used it to cover large areas inside this home.

Plywood - another view of the living room

wooden living room view decorative plywood

This is Home 09 in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands. This is to bring more warmth to the interior as the surface of some walls is covered with plywood, fireplace, shelves and doors too. All of this helps warm up the atmosphere, in the middle of concrete floors and white walls. The style chosen is minimalist, floor-to-ceiling windows are perfect for enjoying the surrounding nature, and natural light.

Part of the living room with the fireplace and shelves

part living room fireplace shelves

It is a true modern masterpiece decorated with taste and in the best traditions of the minimalism . In addition to the bookcases, cabinets, dining tables and other furniture, which enhance the sleek appearance of the 'apartment . The whole apartment has become something of an art gallery where plywood is a furniture in itself, and a decorative asset too.

The plywood covered fireplace divides the living room into two parts

covered chimney counterplate divides living room two parts

The wall of the plywood corridor is next to the suspended luminaires

wall hallway wood plywood cotoie pendant light fixtures

The color of the wood and the white color are complicit in the decoration

wood color white color complices deco

A child's room made entirely of plywood

child room entirely wood plywood

The headboard does not escape this beautiful and ecological material

headboard materiau beautiful ecological

Difficult to distinguish the doors without the wrists in this picture

hard distinguish wristwatch

Shelves for classy storage always in plywood

storage shelves chic counterplate

A minimalist style with a decoration that touches the wood

minimalist style wood touch decoration

minimalist corridor view large windows

view house design

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