Polished concrete floor for a more natural and mineral room

polished concrete floor dining room minimalist deco black table black chair

The waxed concrete is a material that has become definitely trendy. Often considered a cold aesthetic, he invaded the interiors to gain his place as a modern element.

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Its appearance makes each room more natural. He goes through the garage and the corridor, to invite himself in the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom and finally - in the toilets. Its cold side makes it easy to integrate into any environment. To know the tricks during its installation and see how to integrate it with different interiors, we invite you to discover our gallery of waxed concrete floor inspiring examples.

Polished concrete floor in modern industrial style interior

waxed concrete floor idea living room design sofa black beige floor rug

Used both for flooring and walls, waxed concrete can create difficulties when installation . For this reason, it is advisable to request the services of a professional during its installation. In general, waxed concrete exists in two main types: the one that is natural and made at the base of cement, water and sand and the one that is composite, makes the base of resin and pigments to make it more resistant.

Polished concrete floor with a glossy finish in minimalist style living room

modern polished concrete floor table wall decor white armchair garden bench

The waxed concrete is a material that has existed for millennia. The Egyptians and Romans already used them for their construction. It is a fine wrap of a few millimeters which covers the screed. Its specific appearance can make each space more natural. This type of smooth coating is a real champion: it is very easy to maintain and waterproof.

Modern style interior with polished concrete floor

modern living room design gray floor lighting white chair

Cement is one of the main ingredients of waxed concrete. The cement as we know it today dates from the 19th th century. It was Louis Vicat who discovered it in 1818 and a few years later in 1824, Joseph Aspdin filed the patent and created the cement named Portland. At its base is a mixture of clay powder, lime, silica, aluminum, iron oxide and sand. Mixed with water, it becomes a kind of soft paste. For its part, the polished concrete is composed of powder, marble, sand (river because it does not contain salt) and cement. To make it more resistant, the resin was later added in its composition. After obtaining a mixture reminiscent of a thick cream, the waxed concrete spreads with a smoother or flemish on a well cleaned surface. Finally, to make it softer to the touch, we put the wax.

Modern indoor kitchen with central wood island and polished concrete floor

waxed concrete floor kitchen idea central island design wood furniture

From the kitchen to the living room, through the garage and the hallway, waxed concrete is certainly a choice of coating original floor and walls. Why opt for a wall covering and waxed concrete floor? This material is appreciated for several reasons. Flexible and resistant at the same time, it has an original and mineral appearance. It's an ideal option for the final look of your walls if you like modern and industrial style. Naturally gray, it is quite susceptible to coloring: you can dye it in the mass, color it on the surface or paint it.

The waxed concrete invades the bathroom

concrete floor waxed idea shower cabin bathroom

Some time ago, it was mainly found in premises such as the storage room and the garage. Nowadays, thanks to the constant search for new solutions for the habitat, and in a search for new aesthetic aspects, concrete is widely recognized as a modern element. Its unfinished, natural and raw side is more and more sought after. In addition, it requires only an investment at a small price!

Bathroom design by Shazzam studios

ground concrete waxed idea gray natural industrial style bathroom mirror round

Interior of an industrial style house with polished concrete floor

floor concrete waxed modern living room home flooring floor idea fixture hanging wooden table

Very light colored waxed concrete floor

floor coating concrete waxed sofa design ottoman chair stool

For an industrial style

floor coating concrete polished apartment idea

Warm and modern interior

flooring concrete floor idea indoor industrial style living room coffee table glass sofa leather

Concrete and wood wedding

modern interior kitchen plant chair wooden table decorating idea

Bedroom with polished concrete floor

concrete flooring gray concrete design blackboard wall and floor idea

Bedroom with wooden walls and polished concrete floor

concrete waxed bedroom floor mats beige

Concrete floor and ceiling

indoor industrial style concrete floor ceiling bedroom

waxed concrete floor bedroom modern layout

piece concrete landscaping idea flooring

kitchen interior modern concrete waxed design chair wood

floor covering concrete polished design kitchen islet central open on dining room

concrete waxed brown idea flooring kitchen

concrete design kitchen idea island central white

interior design central island wood flooring floor false ceiling

kitchen flooring concrete floor idea lighting fixture suspension

deco appart modern red floor mats composition frames

interior apartment design dining room idea table wooden light suspension

light gray waxed concrete deco idea wall design

concrete polished lacquered design idea dining room wooden table black chair fixture suspension

interior modern apartment decoration floor covering

Floor covering cheap idea floor wall wooden table chair deco plant

decorative dining room minimalist style flooring

minimalist interior design modern yellow white design concrete waxed

modern interior design composition photo frames black and balnc fixture black suspension central island flower bouquet

wood concrete industrial style deco design

lighting design suspension floor mats beige black pouf gray sofa

floor cladding dining room black table wood chair

dining room design central island concrete fixture wood suspension

modern house black sofa fixture suspension floor mats gray wood design

concrete polished design idea dining room modern layout

dining room design fixture hanging wood table white wood chair

luminaire suspension design modern wooden table wooden bench shelves

dining room floral decoration idea wooden table wooden chair

idea of ​​floor covering carpet black chair design

modern living room design gray floor lighting white chair

waxed concrete floor kitchen idea central island design wood furniture

concrete floor waxed idea shower cabin bathroom

concrete floor living room interior modern living room

home flooring concrete floor waxed corner sofa gray cushions

floor concrete waxed modern living room home flooring floor idea fixture hanging wooden table

concrete floor waxed decoration 3D idea living room furniture design landscaping

dining room design idea wooden table ch comfortable design table wall deco lamp suspension

idea floor concrete lacquered design table wooden design

concrete floor waxed bathroom design idea modere design furniture wood

living room design design sofa gray cushions deco floor concrete waxed

polished concrete floor kitchen dining room minimalist style industrial design

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