Pond plants in 20 ideas: garden and passions

pond plants garden pond water idea landscaping

Having a pool of water in your garden is a real pleasure. Floating plants, deep water plants, bank plants, swamp plants, in short ... the choice is wide. We have selected for you 20 examples of landscaping and garden decoration with different pond plants !

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Pond plants: reeds

pond plants mini idea reeds

If you are passionate about plants, know that they are of major importance in the decoration and the development of the basin. Aesthetic, they also play an important role in the filtration of the pond. There are more than 180 varieties of pond plants: water lily, lotus, bank plant ... Aquatic plants are also in the spotlight. In general, pond plants are easy to maintain plants. The depth must be done according to their needs so that they can grow. Immersed by a few centimeters, at mid-depth or fully, they all have their character and need a time of adaptation to begin to grow. Two criteria are taken into account when choosing plants: the depth and the aesthetic desired.

Pond plants: a swimming turtle

mini pond water pond plants turtle swims

Shoreline plants hold land at the edge of the pond. In addition, they serve as a refuge for a large number of animals. Floating plants are perfect for small pools that are not very deep. Like pewter ponds for example. The water hyacinth is part of this family. It is one of the most floriferous basin plants. The intermediate zone (from 20 to 35 cm of immersion) consists of durable plants.

Metal water basin decorated with stones

deco water basin metal idea stone decoration deco aquatic plants

Terracotta water basin

pond plants water basin terracotta idea original decor

Beautiful pond plants: watercress

watercress plant water plant idea

Large pool of water with aquatic plants

pond water plant aquatic garden landscaping

Garden water basin

pond plant idea pond water garden idea landscaping

Design terrace with water basin

aquatic plants for pond plant outdoor basin

plants for pond plastic idea landscaping aquatic plant reed

aquatic plants for stone basin pond flowers

idea plant basin wood flowers plants for pond

deco garden pond water plant aquatic landscaping deco plant

terrace pond water idea plant deco green design

plant basin idea decoration flowers vegetation

idea of ​​deco landscaping garden plant water basin

water basin plant aquatic idea stone deco flowers

aquatic plant water basin idea exterior design

water basin idea landscaping aquatic plant flowers outdoor table

idea of ​​an original water basin in aquatic plant fabric Velda

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