Pool and garden: a selection of extraordinary pools

idea garden layout with pool house

Having a house with swimming pool is a real pleasure ... It's refreshing, it's nice, it's relaxing. In general, there are two main types of pools: above-ground pools and in-ground pools.

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We recommend the in-ground pools. Why ? You will find the answer to this question after discovering our gallery of 50 photos of pool and garden Extraordinary ... Refresh yourself by contemplating this exceptional selection.

Pool and garden: dreamy view ...


If you have a beautiful garden, you probably want to have a pool. The most economical and fastest solution is the pool Aboveground . Easily removable, you will have installed it in your garden in two or three days. At the same time, we recommend you opt for an in-ground pool: it's an investment that's worth it ...

Pool and garden in 50 captivating visual examples

garden idea swimming pool sunloungers

Elegant and design, the inground pool guarantees you an incomparable comfort. If you like swimming, it will be difficult to practice in an above-ground swimming pool. The development of this type of swimming pool in your garden will take time. First, you will need a building permit. Then you will have to find a team of professional masons.

A nice house with swimming pool

modern house pool and garden decor

At the same time, once installed, you will only have to clean it. In winter, you can let it freeze for a decorative effect. The birds will appreciate it too. Inground pools are more steel or concrete. Both materials are solid. You have the choice to customize it as you want. In our gallery, you can discover underground pools of different sizes and shapes.

Swimming pool with two decorative fountains

pool and garden idea modern layout exterior design

An important moment regarding the aesthetic aspect of your pool and the general layout of your garden, is the choice of its coating . The options are many. You can choose a stone tile, wood, concrete or other. Finally, there are also pools called semi-dug. It is a very good between the pool and the pool above ground. It is perfect for sloping terrain or terrain. It also requires time and the intervention of competent professionals.

Semi-inground pool

above ground pool wood design stone landscaping idea

Big house, big pool!

pool layout idea house design idea plant tree

Medium sized pool

pool terrace garden layout idea white house chaise longue

Pretty house and modern pool

landscaping pool garden idea outdoor house

View that makes dream ...

outdoor furniture swimming pool terrace garden

Relaxation and dream relax

landscaping garden pool palm lounge chair

landscaping outdoor garden house swimming pool

swimming pool and garden luxury exterior modern design terrace chaise longue

landscaping pool garden idea

home garden furniture chaise longue resin braided coffee table

landscaping outdoor modern home pool idea

idea landscaping outdoor pool stairs

garden with swimming pool

pool design idea landscaping

pool and garden landscaping house palm idea

outdoor landscaping idea pool house tree

inground pool terrace garden

outdoor garden house modern garden layout

idea of ​​garden rectangular swimming pool house exterior modern landscaping

garden modern swimming pool

landscaping garden with pool idea original modern house

garden landscaping inground pool

pool and garden modern chaise longue

fit pool house modern design

outdoor landscaping inground pool design

pool garden terrace floral decoration

Rectangular pool dug out idea garden landscaping

garden swimming pool idea swimming pool

garden pool luxury design idea landscaping

outdoor furniture swimming pool chaise longue

landscaping garden idea swimming pool house modern design

extraordinary pool outdoor layout white sofa cushions

above ground pool wood design

garden pool outdoor landscaping idea

swimming pool modern outdoor design

modern pool garden deck chair outdoor

pool-touch of luxury-design-house


pool house garden chaise longue idea modern design

modern swimming pool white house idea

garden pool white bench wooden house

idea landscaping garden swimming pool palmes

Idea garden pool

pool stone garden home deco house idea

pool outdoor landscaping idea

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