Pool deco for a comfortable and elegant exterior

deco pool wood idea chaise longue armchair parasol design

The swimming pool deco is simple, elegant and modern. Having a pool in your garden is always nice. To create an even more relaxing and modern atmosphere, we invite you to discover our gallery of suggestions and our ideas for decorating and decorating the space around the pool and the terrace.

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Pool deco for a comfortable and elegant exterior

deco outdoor pool lounge chair design idea coffee table

Once the pool is installed, we begin to think about the layout and decoration all around. Having comfortable furniture and design is important to fully enjoy the beautiful weather and its outside. Design furniture can also look like a "decoration" in itself. A beautiful elegant armchair or loungers in resin braided original shape? Here is an idea of ​​practical and aesthetic decoration!

Design lounge chair in gray, Paola Lenti

chaise-longue gray design cushions swimming pool deco

First, the layout of the outdoor space begins with the floor covering and then goes through the choice of furniture. The choice of material will more or less predefine the style and overall mood. Choosing more natural-looking materials is a good start to decorating your patio in rustic, vintage or Scandinavian style. For those who want a more modern and futuristic style, with or without industrial touches, synthetic materials will be dominant. Finally, the layout and decoration are always a whole. They are conceived in parallel.

Designer armchair / chair by Paola Lenti for pool deco

deco swimming pool armchair paola modern design

The choice of furniture is essential, but especially the choice of design. In recent times, the braided resin has undergone several transformations to finally become a material of modern look. Companies, such as Gift , have even created a new ecological resin fiber and a whole collection of very elegant garden furniture.

Convertible garden sofa by Paola Lenti and beautiful bright decoration

deco-paola-lenti-furniture-pool terrace

The flooring and furniture installed, it's time to think about the lighting and the bright decor. It is the essential ambient element for every space, interior or exterior. When it comes to outdoor lighting, the best solution is, of course, one that runs on solar energy. Try to create light neither too strong nor too subdued. The one that comes closest to natural light is the most enjoyable for the eyes.

Romantic light pool decoration for summer evenings

deco outdoor pool lounge chair design light ideas

The bright decoration is a very practical solution for the outdoors. Create light spots or decorate with light garlands and candles for a romantic atmosphere. You can also create a cocooning by placing some beanbags and cushions on the floor.

Swimming pool deco with lights and cushions

deco outdoor pool idea arrange space garden cushions design

What materials to favor for outdoor decoration? For a rustic and Scandinavian style, wood and natural materials are to be preferred. For an industrial style, luxurious and modern, steel and braided resin are two possible solutions. For a very clean and mineral style, the beauty of natural stone is ideal.

Rustic style exterior and large pool

deco outdoor pool idea trend furniture wood cushions

The flooring around the pool and indoors is a very important element that predefines the style of any outdoor space. Below, we see a pool with a mosaic indoor floor covering with floral pattern. To highlight it, the designers decided to build the terrace with contemporary loungers with a sleek appearance.

Futuristic-inspired exterior with designer lounge chairs and original interior floor covering

deco swimming pool outdoor coating idea

Be minimalist and moderate with the decoration around your pool. Think of matching it with the furniture and the style already present so that the whole is homogeneous.

Furniture and design objects for a modern exterior

coffee table design garden lounge chair lighting outdoor pool

Inside and outside, green plants are inviting to purify the air and decorate the space gently. Ceramic, stone or steel, pots can integrate with all styles and design.

Deco swimming pool with exotic plants and braided resin furniture

deco outdoor pool idea living room garden resin braided

The gray stone flower pots and wooden furniture can fit well with a vintage and rustic style decor.

Decoration in rustic style with green plants, brown vase and basket

rustic deco flower pot pool furniture vase

For romantic summer evenings, just install a few cushy ottomans on the floor and candles: the magic atmosphere will be guaranteed!

Romantic decoration for summer evenings with Paola Lenti poufs and candles

romantic outdoor decor pool candles ottoman

Which colors for which style? Often, the pools have blue, white or gray tiles. It is blue and green that are usually the two dominant colors around the pool and in the garden. These colors, easy to marry, will match wonderfully with the star color Marsala . For a touch of femininity and enchantment, opt for pink, yellow or orange in light shades.

The Marsala color is very trendy and blends with a wide range of colors

marsala color pool chair-long cushions pool

How to make children's games in summer even more fun? By installing a waterfall or fountain for swimming pool!

Install a waterfall or fountain for swimming pool

waterfall pool idea deco outdoor trend chaise longue

Pool cascades are not very complicated to install. Their price varies from 50 to 500 euros and depends on the qualities of the products. In general, it is a long-term investment.

Cascade for stainless steel pool

pool waterfall wall wood garden decorating idea

Some pool cascades have built-in LED lighting. Very often, they are made of stainless steel.

Waterfall for steel pool and flower pots

waterfall steel idea swimming pool deco plants pots flowers

For cascades designed with stones, the installation will require more time and the intervention of a professional. They are aesthetically more elegant and create the feeling that the pool is better integrated into the surrounding natural scenery.

Waterfall in stone and garden furniture in braided resin

cascade pool stone deco idea exterior

Install fountains next to the pool or indoors, it is also possible:

Small fountains for swimming pool deco

fountain pool idea outdoor decor

For more privacy and to finely decorate the space around your pool, why not create a vegetable fence? It takes time and patience, but believe us, it's worth it!

Minimalist decor with pots and vegetable fence

deco swimming pool minimalist idea outdoor landscaping

Stone, porcelain stoneware, pine blade, slate ... There is a multitude of materials for the flooring of your pool. Depending on the structure of your home or the decoration of your exterior, some amenities can adapt perfectly to your desires.

Succulents: ideal both indoors and outdoors!

deco pool wood idea furniture plant fat

To beautify your pool, nothing better than the wooden flooring.

Wood cladding for a harmonious exterior

wooden pool cover idea design armchair ottoman

Decorating with candles is simple and always elegant. Unfortunately, some exteriors are more exposed to the wind than others and candles may not be the best decorative solution. Fortunately, the creators have designed these beautiful floating balls running LED lighting and beautifully called "Las Vegas". Do not be afraid of the wind!

LED Floating Balls, Las Vegas

decoration ball bright ball idea decorate outdoors

The bright balls are on sale online and their price goes from 15 to 255 euros.

Bright balls for a romantic and sustainable decor

romantic decor outdoor pool idea fireplace

Decorate with sails, floor mats and small cushions for a magical, light and slim summer setting.

Decor with white sails

decor veils outdoor idea chaise longue bois

Here is a beautifully decorated black and white exterior with a striped rug, flower pots, cushions and an authentic stone table.

Outdoor decoration with hanging flowerpots

deco flowers hanging idea pots rug stripes

Object in essential interior decoration, the pouf is invited outside. Available in several materials, soft or hard, it is the perfect accessory to decorate a modern space.

Poufs by Paola Lenti

swimming pool deco pouf paola lenti design stones

The poufs of the Shell collection by Paola Lenti are design and elegant. Their clothing is hand woven, their body is polyurethane. They can serve in many ways. Water resistant, these poufs are an ideal accessory, created to decorate the space around the pool.

Poufs from the Shell collection by Paola Lenti

pouf deco outdoor pool idea design space design

Nothing more important than lighting and bright decoration. In the evening, when it is dark, it is important to light the terrace and the space around the pool to avoid unwanted falls.

Swimming pool with soft lighting

deco design objects chaise-longue lamp swimming pool

A good idea is to create light spots around the pool and why not install even small light fixtures inside?

Exterior lighting with reflections in blue

outdoor pool lighting garden idea chaise-longue

In one previous article we talked about the exterior decoration with natural stone. The stone reveals its aesthetics in many different forms: flower pots, fountains, figurines and many others.

Decor with stone flower pots and large plants

deco pot stone flowers pool idea tiling

These two elegant loungers were designed by Paola Lenti company. Made of braided resin, their elegant look goes very well with the rustic side of the two decorative stones.

Decoration with stones and chaise-longue design by Paola Lenti

chaise-longue terrace design pool landscaping outdoor stones

A Zen garden can never be deprived of water basin. There is evidence that the sound of flowing water invades the mind and relaxes it, in a state similar to that of meditation.

Harmonious and elegant exterior

outdoor decor pool fountain stone waterfall loungers

Pergolas and garden tents are an important element in outdoor decoration. By installing a pergola in our garden, we can enjoy our outdoor space during all seasons. In addition, she will bring style and design to the terrace.

Pergola with vegetation of original design

above ground pool outdoor garden landscaping idea pergola wood

The garden pergola can be traditional or modernized, with or without built-in lighting, in many different sizes and shapes. There are other options for sheltering from the sun in its exterior. In general, there are three types of structures: the pergola and the arbours, the garden tents and the shade sails.

Garden tent in white and modern garden furniture

outdoor deco pool pergola white wood white veil chaise longue

The garden tent, as its name suggests, is a solution for the garden. The pergola and garden arbours are usually installed on the terrace, in the garden and next to the swimming pools. They require some installation time, while shade sails are the easiest to install and maintain.

Exotic garden tent for a festive exterior

pergola outdoor swimming pool idea landscaping terrace

The choice of size and aesthetics of a garden pergola depends on your desires, the dimensions of your outdoor space, its style of design and, of course, your means. Pergolas can be murals or independent.

Wooden garden pergola with stone structures

pergola wood swimming pool idea cushions flower pots

The independent pergola is generally larger, freestanding and is more suitable for the garden. She does not need support to hold. Below, we see a wooden garden pergola without sail, small size. It is easy to tinker with and install. It is an ideal solution for small outdoor spaces.

Wooden pergola easy to manufacture and install, ideal for small terraces

pergola outdoor wood landscaping idea chair-long white pool

If you want to build outdoor garden furniture next to your pool, the installation of an independent pergola will be necessary. The wall-mounted pergola is, as its name indicates, leaning against the wall and supported by two columns. It is usually smaller and you have to adapt it to the structure of your house and terrace.

White painted wooden pergola supported by 8 columns

white pergola design chair wood swimming pool idea

If installing a pergola seems very complicated, why not simply install an original patterned umbrella? A classic and practical solution:

Umbrella: the simplest and classic shade solution for outdoor use


It is often said that divi- dences attract each other. In the picture below, the fire and the water marry in a beautiful ensemble to create a sensation at the same time summer and cocoon:

Install a fire next to the pool: the opposing elements attract each other


Decorate your exterior and the space around the pool is always nice. Rethinking your layout and redefining your style from time to time is a creative and rewarding activity. Hoping that our suggestions and ideas have been useful, we wish you a good visit and good decoration!

Simone de Beauvoir lying on the edge of the famous Piano pool

original outdoor pool shape deco idea

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