Potted strawberry: advice, culture and planting

strawberry plant pot gardening

The strawberry pot is perfect to decorate your terrace, garden or outdoor space in the countryside as in the city. Strawberry is a plant with multiple benefits that you can also enjoy.

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The strawberry is a plant that can be climbing and tufted and can reach up to 30 cm. The strawberry will ornament the soil of your garden with flowers in white or pink and its small green leaves.

Strawberry pot in a metal stand

strawberry potted pictures advice maintenance

If you want to have a fruit harvest in addition to decorating your outdoor space, you must choose the most productive species. These are: Ostara which has a very generous fruit crop with delicious fruits; Mount Everest is a climbing species with elongated fruit and perfect for a small trellis. Vivarose which is a reviving variety with pink flowers and gives delicious fruit. Make sure you have holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage before planting your strawberries.

Strawberries in clay pot

strawberry potted vegetable garden balcony

Use clay granules to surround the drainage layer and cover with fabric to prevent moisture. To make your strawberry more productive, make a homogeneous mixture of garden soil with sand and dry potting soil. Then put some of the mixture in the chosen pot and place your plant.

Zoom of strawberry plants in hanging pots

maintenance strawberry potted plants outdoor

You must then fill the voids around the root ball and remove the air pockets. If your strawberry plant is bare rooted, you must make a hole by filling the pot and placing the plant in it, being careful not to turn the roots. The plants should be at a distance of about 15 to 30cm from each other. Water them deeply.

Strawberry in pot for garden or terrace

strawberry potted terrace jardiniere jardin

You must not leave your plants outside when the temperature drops below 5 degrees. Choose raw wood pots or wooden barrels for a rustic look. Make sure the pots have solid structures and their bottoms are difficult to spill. You will have delicate strawberries to share later with your friends and relatives.

Strawberries in dry grass

zoom strawberry dry grass

View of strawberry plants

view near strawberry garden

Strawberry in original pot

view original strawberry pot

Strawberries as decoration for the dining table

view strawberry decoration dining table

How to plant a strawberry

view how to plant strawberry

A high support for your strawberries

high support strawberry garden

Grow your strawberries in the balcony

cultivate strawberry pot balcony

zoom strawberry pots hanging

strawberry pot support metal

strawberry pot clay

flower arrangement strawberries pot garden

barrel as a jar

tub strawberries garden original decoration

Strawberry potted zoom fresh strawberries

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