Private apartment in wood and metal by Luca Compri studio

private apartment wood idea deco table italy design architecture

The Italian design company Luca Compri has been charged with the renovation of this private apartment located in Varese, Italy.

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The apartment is in a building built in the 60s. Architects should rethink its layout and turn it into a modern and functional space. The apartment has two bathrooms, a large kitchen open to the living room and dining room and two bedrooms.

Private apartment in wood and metal by Luca Compri located in Varese in Italy

private apartment design idea armchair library modern parquet wood

Light plays a major role in the design of this space. It is fully furnished with wood and very little furniture. Its design is minimalist and the decoration is almost absent. Owners can enjoy their large library and natural light in the living room to read and relax.

The living room is furnished with a large wooden bookcase

private apartment design modern living room parquet wood library idea arrange

Apart from the natural daylight, the Space is also illuminated by LED lights . When lit, they highlight the distinctive materials: oak wood and metal sheets.

White column that visually separates the kitchen from the living room

functional space design modern wood library idea

The project for the renovation as well as the choice of natural and ecological materials are designed with respect for the environment. The Italian company LCA has always been interested in bio-architecture and sustainable design.

Large practical library

private apartment design wood bookshelf idea bookshelves wood floor bar

The design studio Luca Compri was born in Varese in January 2004. Since then, it welcomes and responds to all possible professional demands of large and small scale. The projects developed by the company's team range from the design of the space to the landscaping plan. In recent years, the company has been working mainly with related projects to urban complexity: social housing, industrial buildings of high environmental quality, hotels, universities and private villas. Luca Compri has also completed several renovation projects. The main themes of design are : the focus on the environment, the search for interior spaces intended for well-being of those who live in buildings and sustainability .

A large closet in the kitchen, almost invisible when closed, was installed to tidy the dishes

closet closed wood design idea library

The island of the kitchen is very big

large island kitchen wood trend modern parquet b

open kitchen wood island trend idea library

private apartment design wood idea island central closets

Great modern kitchen for lovers of good Italian food

open kitchen wood island trend idea library

Abstract paintings sometimes decorate certain spaces

kitchen island central wood design idea arrange kitchen deco boards parquet design idea

The cooking zone

kitchen wood steel modern idea plates cooking

Bright, welcoming and warm space

black wall kitchen wood idea arrange modern space central island

The dining room is furnished with a wooden table

apartment design architecture modern table wood

The bedroom

bedroom idea arrange space modern trend indoor

The bathroom is fitted with a black and white bathtub

bathroom design idea tub black white trendy

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