Quote about life - a collection of 20 famous thoughts to explore and share!

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With this folder on the topic of quote on life, the editorial of Designmag launches a new series of publications. It is especially devoted to the quotes and thoughts of authors and famous people who have marked our history and our daily life.

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Quote about life - an unpublished collection of 20 famous thoughts to explore and share!

With these publications, we would like to introduce you to quotes , proverbs and thoughts on various topics. Quote about life, happiness, motivation ... The whole, presented on a series of beautiful images. Let yourself be inspired and if you like a particular quote, feel free to download or share it with your friends and family!

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Quote about life - from Confucius to Walt Disney ...

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Discover the reflections of philosophers, artists and personalities who have marked our history!

Life, its essence, its eternal nature, its meaning, how to find happiness in one's life ... It is around these philosophical subjects that the quotations we have chosen to present to you today turn out. You will find thoughts of writers such as Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Paulo Coelho. But that's not all ! We also offer quotes from philosophers like Confucius, Seneca and Nietzsche. Not to mention the musicians like John Lennon who have marked our time. And again, we wanted to share with you quotes from personalities who have marked our history. Among them, the words of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Gandhi seemed very relevant to us.

Quote about life - our selection of famous thoughts to explore

So without further ado, our beautiful collection on quote on life to explore!


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