Rattan furniture for a modern and authentic interior

interior living room furniture modern braids

Do you like modern style interiors decorated with authentic and natural materials? So why not decorate your home with rattan furniture? At a time when modern design rhymes more and more often with anything made with non-artificial materials, rattan furniture would be a very nice addition to your home!

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Rattan furniture ideas for modern interiors: sofa, coffee table and braided suspension

pictures rattan furniture living room modern deco

Rattan is a type of wood obtained from a palm tree native to Africa and Asia. In Western culture, it is mainly known as a material that is used for the manufacture of furniture and decorative objects for the interior and for the outside . But in areas where it is part of the natural flora, it is also used for the construction of shelters and houses.

Rattan furniture for a welcoming and modern dining room

dining room deco rattan chairs

The furniture made of this material will offer you an attractive and comfortable atmosphere. Rattan is, as we said, a type of wood and, for this reason, it has all the features of this material. It will appeal to all those who love the warm and natural atmosphere that only wooden surfaces are able to offer us.

Modern and natural decoration for living room with rattan furniture

furniture interior armchair modern braid

The rattan furniture have a very nice and very nice look but they are also extremely durable. It is this property of rattan that makes it one of the most used materials for garden furniture and outside dining areas . This characteristic is not to be negociated in a room which is inside the house. The resistance of rattan will give you the opportunity to enjoy your furniture and accessories longer.

Modern deco idea for bedroom with rattan furniture

rattan design furniture modern rooms

Another advantage of rattan furniture is its strength. In fact, chairs, sofas and armchairs made of rattan seem to be even stronger than those made of other kinds of wood. This feeling is not entirely false, because, unlike other furniture made of natural materials, those made of rattan are built using a braiding process. And it is precisely this mechanism that reinforces their structure in an additional way. As a result, rattan is a suitable material for making pieces of furniture that have to support heavy objects such as sofas and even beds!

Modern rattan furniture: living room with elegant corner sofa

modern modulated braided sofa

Many people are seduced by the idea of ​​introducing furniture made of natural materials but regret not taking advantage of models in different colors. In fact, rattan furniture is easy to paint. In fact, many modern rattan furniture manufacturers are adapting their collections to meet the demand for pieces in various shades.

Modern transition room decoration with rattan furniture in black and beige color

rattan furniture modern living room design

Sometimes viewed as typical of the 1950's, the rattan furniture found in the shops had a vintage design for a long time. But for some years now, furniture designers have been launching the collections market with a modern look. And there is nothing surprising in this new trend, as these models are currently highly sought after and very popular. Now you have the opportunity to make your choice of rattan furniture of modern design for the interior of your house:

Small rattan furniture of modern design by Gervasoni

modern idea living room rattan furniture

Modern rattan headboard

modern headboards deco rattan

Rattan furniture and modern living room decoration

ideas coffee table braided modern decoration

Rattan coffee table for a decor in neutral colors

modern design rattan coffee tables

Modern furniture braided for the interior

modern deco wood pendant

Braided sofa for nature and modern deco

modern design lounge braided sofa

Decoration in white and wood for a modern and welcoming interior

furniture modern living room rattan armchair

Modern design rattan woven sofa

small modern sofa rattan living room

Modern bedroom decorating idea with rattan furniture

bedroom furniture rattan modern headboard

Small rattan furniture in contemporary style

furniture rattan rattan home modern deco

Nature deco for living room with braided furniture

living room furniture rattan natural deco

Dining room with wooden table and modern woven chairs

rattan furniture chair modern style

Hanging rattan chair for a relaxing interior

rattan furniture decoration hanging armchairs

Hanging rattan armchair in modern style

interior decoration rattan furniture modern armchairs

rattan furniture interior modern design

rattan furniture design living room

rattan furniture modern decoration

ideas hanging rattan fixture

rattan furniture modern corner sofa

rattan bed braided modern decor room

room bed modern rattan

designer beds braid modern rooms

interieur deco designer rattan furniture

modern interior design rattan furniture

rattan chair ideas interior modern decoration

idea deco furniture braid modern stool

deco modern living room rattan verandas

modern office chair braided

modern living room resin furniture

deco seaside furniture braids

braided armchair contemporary deco living room

designer rattan bedside table

bed wood bedroom zen

modern bedroom layout braided bed with canopy

bedroom decoration braided bed

modern bedroom cabinet and braided furniture

designer lounge chairs

braided chairs painting

living room decoration rattan chairs

modern rattan deco object

object rattan interior design

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