Ready to wear: how to wear the stripes?

ready to wear black and white striped blouse red skirt leather boots

Stripes are a classic must-have. Remember the famous marinière of one of the greatest designers of all time, Jean-Paul Gauthier? The stripes are always in vogue.

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Horizontal, vertical, oblique, fine or wide stripes? Every fashionista knows that there was a campaign against scratches especially horizontal for their "magnifying" effect. Indeed, one side is true, on the other hand everything depends on your silhouette. Choose carefully the stripes and combine them harmoniously with your clothes to have a perfect look! Discover our selection of twenty striped clothing ideas ready to wear .

Ready to wear: a blouse with fine stripes, blue and white Asos

ready to wear striped blouse black pants sunglasses very beautiful girl

Horizontal and vertical stripes will have a different optical effect on your figure. Vertical stripes allow you to lengthen and refine your silhouette . Horizontal stripes have the effect of enlarging the silhouette. It all depends on your figure and your preferences. Some stylists advise to avoid horizontal stripes if you are a little round to avoid a magnifying effect. Whether for a skirt, pants or dress, vertical stripes easily find their place in the dressing room.

Ready to wear: fine striped blouse

Ready to wear fine black and white stripes green skirt leather bag designer leather boots

There are also oblique lines. In a blouse or t-shirt, they have the effect of giving a little more volume to small breasts. The stripes are as wide or thin. The fines are always very elegant, while the broad ones will give you a more relaxed . The fine and horizontal stripes are perfect for girls a little round and not very big. While the thick horizontal stripes go well to slender girls and a little bigger.

Ready to wear: striped jacket Oasis

Ready to Wear Jacket Stripes Black Pants Pink Suede Bag

In terms of colors, it's black and white stripes. The biggest classic are blue and white, so the famous, the inevitable, loved by all and all: sailor ! Piece present in each wardrobe, the marinière is never outdated. She always persists in the diktats of fashion. The designers and the biggest clothing brands are updating this great classic regularly in their collections.

Juicy Couture black and purple striped jumper

ready to wear idea how to wear stripes sweater stripe sticky leather jacket design

Ready to wear: leather and striped jacket BCBG

striped leather jacket ready to wear styling sunglasses

Ready to wear: dress with red and black stripes

Striped Dress Stripe Sweater Jacket Beige Leather Bag Dress

T by Alexander Wang Striped Blouse

fine-striped leather blouse bag red leather escarping red gold bag

ready to wear black and white stripes dress wide stripes black jacket

modern jean gray jacket pullover striped leather bag

black and white striped leather blouse leather bag

blue wide sweater design leather bag

jean paul gaulthier jean white jacket sunglasses

black and white striped jacket black leather bag

Modern style elegant design skirt striped black pink modern jacket

styling how to wear jeans gray jean jean paul gaultier the marinière

Black Jacket Design Striped Dress Ready to Wear Pink and Black Pumps

Styling stripes black and white blouse sticky black skirt bag leather

jean leather ankle boots design black and white striped blouse gray jacket

vertical horizontal striped dress design

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