Recycling palette - some very creative ideas

recycling pallet plant pot garden deco exterior

The recycling palette is always a good idea since wooden pallets are among the most versatile and inexpensive items you can use for your DIY projects.

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We have already presented you with some interesting ideas how to make a recycling original palette and we continue today with even more creative proposals.

Recycling pallet - interesting garden paths

recycling pallet decking allee garden

Usually in our articles about wooden pallets, we focus on creating useful objects. But you can also use wooden pallets to create beautiful pieces to decorate your exterior. Why not make a garden path in pallets for example? It is a very creative idea at the same time very practical. The number of pallets to use will depend on the length of the driveway you want to cover.

Original TV stand in wood pallets

recycling pallet furniture tv deco wood

When you redecorate a room, try to use everything you can without wasting money. Why not do a bedhead modern pallet? It is an idea that is becoming more and more popular which we have already discussed in one of our previous articles. You can also easily create a bookshelf that can be mounted next to your child's bed. In case you like to tinker, make a TV stand is a project a little more complex but you will also be more interesting. Here are some more original ideas in pictures:

Designer pallet headboard

recycling pallet manufacture headboard wood original object

Living room coffee table in wood pallet

recycling pallet furniture living room coffee table

Idea of ​​garden decoration with furniture in palette

recycling alley garden pallet

Pallet furniture for outdoor landscaping

garden chair pallet recycling

Wooden pallet TV cabinet and living room decoration

recycling pallet TV cabinet design

Furniture in wooden pallet for bedroom: to make a headboard

recycling pallet head bed original

Palletized children's book shelf

recycling pallet rack child

Construction of garden sheds in wooden pallets

garden shed wood pallets

Shelf for practical kitchen in wooden pallets

modern kitchen decor palette

Rustic style wall decor in pallets

decor rustic wall wooden pallets

Garden decoration idea with a wooden pallet

garden decor pencils

modern pallet staircase

idea sliding door pallet

original design wooden pallet bed

bed pallet roulette wood

furniture storage deco pallets

coffee table drawers pallets

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