Red bathroom: the color of passion

red bathroom idea furniture red furniture mirror indoor pool

If you are building or developing your bathroom, you may have thought about what colors to choose for this interior. Have you thought about red? It is a very hot and intense color.

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Some like it a lot, others find it unobtrusive and even disturbing. If you want a red bathroom and if you want to create a harmonious atmosphere at the same time, a tip: put this color in small doses. Check out our bathroom photo gallery with red element in its interior.

Red and white bathroom with original plant decoration

white red bathroom design toilet decoration

Red is a rich color of meanings. It is reminiscent of warmth and passion. He plays on paradoxes. Representing both love and hate, life and death, it is one of the colors primary . Red symbolizes fire, strength, energy and blood. In large doses, this color penetrates and invades the space. By associating it with certain colors, one can decrease its power and make it less present. It goes perfectly with light and neutral colors. Sometimes it is found associated with orange or pink. This wedding is original, but not always very aesthetic.

Pretty red bathroom with white tub and floor

red bathroom furniture armchair bathtub white bathroom fixture

In the bathroom interior she is often married to white, black and gray. Character color, red should dominate in your piece of water because it can create a feeling of choking space. We advise you to combine it delicately with white or simply to use it as accent color. In the example above, red and white are present in almost equal doses. As you can see, the red makes the white slightly pink.

Red and original bathroom furniture

bathroom red furniture design mirror floor mats red

Red bathroom cabinet and sink

red bathroom furniture wood mirror design

Nice design furniture in a bathroom with gray walls

arrange bathroom red interior modern mirror

Red and luxurious bathroom with pendant light

Bathroom color white red design pendant light

Red accent in the bathroom: cabin with Italian shower

arrange bathroom red color Italian shower cubicle

Modern bathroom with red armchair

color bathroom red cabin comfort chair deco

Decoration of frames and a wall in marsala color

color bathroom wall marsala red bathtub deco frames

Idea of ​​red decorative objects for the bathroom

arrangement bathroom accessories red deco flowers washbasin design towel red furniture wood

Small apartment with white and red bathroom

idea color bathroom red floor mats design furniture white red shower cubicle mirror wall sofa wallpaper

Luxurious interior with red design armchair and majestic pendant light

Luxurious Bathroom Design Bathtub Fixture Hanging Chair Red

Original indoor bathroom with red, pink and white patterns

arrange space bathroom color association red rose design

White indoor bathroom with two pretty red accents

arrange bathroom color idea lighting bathtub mirror

Accessories red bathroom

bathroom color red accessory towel

Red and original bathroom tile

arrange bathroom red tile bathtub modern design

bathroom color idea interior design white tub white shower cubicle

arrange bathroom color idea painting green fixture red design furniture

color bathroom idea tile

red bathroom tile modern shower cubicle

fit bathroom red wall washbasin white parquet white mirror

modern bathroom furniture black and white red furniture black toilet

color bathroom purple red design gray white modern

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