Redevelopment of an apartment in Kiev by SVOYA studio

redesign apartment design living room sofa gray wooden table chairs fixture hanging hammock

Each reorganization of a living space is a challenge. The challenge of this apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, was to convert it from three-room apartment to two-room apartment.

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The project was directed by studio SVOYA. The idea was to make the first floor a large open space that includes the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. A separate area is dedicated to the bedroom, the bathroom and a large dressing room.

Redevelopment of an apartment in Kiev by SVOYA Studio

remodeling apartment design living room hammock idea suspension deco parquet wood candles deco

One of the main ideas when renovating this apartment was to decorate and decorate it with local resources and materials. The creators wanted to support the local business. The wooden planks and ceramic tiles used for the flooring were manufactured in Kiev. They bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Studio designers have also included a series of their own creations for lighting and decorating the apartment. The walls have been decorated with paintings by local artists.

Redevelopment of a three-room apartment in one to two large rooms

refitting living room hammock white design modern lighting parquet wood floor tile white design chair wood

Their main goal was to create a quiet and soothing apartment. For more comfort, the designers have decided to decorate the living room with a hammock . Suspended lights illuminate and decorate at once. The result is an interior mixing industrial style, modern and rustic. The materials are natural, the light is soft, the space is large and bright.

The kitchen that also plays the role of bar, Svoya studio

remodeling modern apartment contemporary design wine rack design bar wood svoya kiev design studios

The cooked is very discreet. She also plays the role of bar. The sink and storage spaces are hidden behind wooden doors that are opened when needed. Another impressive object and the wooden wine rack that is placed between the kitchen and the dining room. The lighting gives a dramatic look to this interesting object.

The wooden bottle rack

contemporary interior idea remodeling apartment kitchen wine rack wood svoya studios

The dining table has six seats. She is simple and classy. Placed next to the windows, it gives on the outside. For moments of intimacy, there are curtains. The chandelier hanging above the table is of a very interesting design.

The sink and cupboards

contemporary apartment design kiev modern dining room deco modern idea wall living room open space

Hanging lights design and rustic wood table

hanging luminaires modern design wooden table deco chair floor mats parquet

Wooden table and six design chairs

contemporary interior design wooden table design chair gray floor mats

The bedroom is furnished with wooden floors and large windows. It is bright and spacious while providing an atmosphere of warmth and calm. The decor is simple and of rustic inspiration. The bathroom is gray and fitted with wooden furniture and hanging lights. The shower stall has an Italian shower, while the toilets are hung.

The bedroom

bedroom layout design idea white curtains

arrangement bedroom design bed headboard wood design curtains white svoya studios

wall decoration bedroom idea design shelf wood headboard wood design cushions curtains white deco wall table

wardrobe design blue wood bedroom idea design shelves wooden design cushions blue wardrobe

modern design bathroom wood sink design mirror idea lighting industrial style modern svoya studios kiev

bathroom design idea layout modern apartment mirror fixture hanging sink

design bathroom design sink black design suspended toilet cabin shower italian

living room design idea redevelopment modern space sofa gray fixtures suspension

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