Renovation apartment that gives a second life

apartment renovation not always simple projects interior furniture

We present you tonight apartment renovation beautiful which has made a dark and abandoned habitat in beautiful urban residence, very bright. Light is an element to which architects pay a lot of attention, which is quite understandable.

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In the case of this project, the architect Jonathan Dar He used it in a very ingenious way to have a residence that was completely transformed and a thousand times more pleasant to live in.

An apartment renovation that brought a lot of light

apartment renovation brought a lot furniture white living room light

It is a 97sqm apartment in the city of Hafia, Israel, located on the ground floor of an old building dating from the 50s. The layout has been totally reorganized in this apartment renovation so that it is more practical and bright. The walls were destroyed, which added space, but also created smoother transitions between rooms. The living room is small, but the cooked and the dining area are quite spacious and long and this creates a good effect of movement.

The long kitchen very bright and open

long bright kitchen and open windows garden view

Thanks to the enlarged windows, the light disperses everywhere in a natural way. It also helps to get closer to the environment, the natural setting that surrounds the building. The furniture , and interior design in general, are in neutral tones, rather clear. There is a simplicity that captivates in this apartment renovation project, although it is far from simple.

Part of the artistic decor of the house

part of the artistic decoration of the house collection instruments

The decorative elements are simple but original

simple decorative elements but original white interior

Overview of the small and simple living room

Preview small living room simple and practical effect light space

This is a very ingenious and singular apartment renovation project

renovation apartment project ingenious and singular architecture

Glazed walls create a sense of unique space

glazed walls create spacious feeling unique renovation

The bedroom always bright

bright white bedroom apartment renovation

The old plan of the apartment with the distribution of the rooms

old plan apartment room layout

The apartment renovation that brought a considerable change

apartment renovation brought considerable change open spaces

Preview bathroom dressing simplicity in style

Renovated apartment white furniture use of ingenious space

Pleasant garden view thanks large windows panorama kitchen

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