Renovation house: a church turns into a house

living room glass large light furniture

This is a modern and fashionable home renovation that we will talk about today. Because after the industrial warehouses and the factories, place to the conversion of churches.

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With high ceilings, and a large main room, not so far from the concept of the loft indeed, but in a former consecrated building. The architecture studio of Gianna Camilotti turned a church into a modern house in London. Gianna Camilotti is an award-winning interior designer based in London and has also worked in Milan, Rome and São Paulo.

The living room opened after house renovation

living room open stay home renovation

She has developed numerous residential and commercial design projects, as well as textiles for interiors and product design. With regard to this house renovation project or transformation of a church into a friendly home, the original features of the Victorian brick building have been preserved. For the interior, the renovation has left the church only wooden beams supporting the ceiling, the rest is unrecognizable thanks to the beautiful transformation of the church except the glazing.

The living room seen from another perspective

open living room home renovation

The house is absolutely modern , open, with white walls, columns and arc-shaped windows. The interiors are white for the most part, with clean lines and impressive shapes; a magnificent staircase and lighting add a modern look to the space. Tables with animal keys printed render the interiors more eye-catching and bright. The private rooms are brilliantly designed, as well as the choice of furniture used in interior design.

Part of the living room with designer furniture

living room furniture design table rug

Here we see an example of the designer's style characterized by elegance and timelessness combined with boldness and a touch of italian design . Do not be fooled by the antique look of the building, as the interior is really modern and contemporary in design.

The spacious and well decorated bathroom

bathroom house renovation

The dining room open on the whole

dining room home renovation

The open living room with a tv stand

renovation house church modern living room

The bedroom with an outside view

renovation house church floor glass

The kitchen with a plot of work and cooking

renovation house church modern kitchen

Another bedroom with a spacious bed

renovation house church bedroom

The living room with exposed wooden beams

renovation house church

renovation house church white living room

modern furniture white living room

renovation house garden furniture

modern house renovation church

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