Renovation of apartment: 4 beautiful examples

modern landscape garden

The topic of the day is the renovation of some Australian sites in modern and elegant apartments with a contemporary and ecological design. The images of this post have been chosen from the photographer's catalog Tom Ferguson .

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This photographer based in Australia photographed many projects. His photographs masterfully capture the bright colors of four examples of houses.

A lounge with a minimalist design after renovation

modern living room renovation

They are with large open spaces to nature, and a lot of greenery with modern lines. The first example of renovation in modern apartment allows to have an almost panoramic view of garden , and the terrace of the house located in the Paddington area of ​​Sydney. The renovation of the interior of this space allowed to blend effortlessly with the outdoor space. The second example is a renovated terraced house in Randwick that is listed as part of the area's Heritage.

A wooden garden path after a beautiful renovation

alley garden wood

The design of this bright and creative interior has won the award: Belle / Coco Republic Residential Interior Design Award 2014 . This is by no means a surprise when you see the beautiful interiors, the clean and freshly landscaped garden, all in a modern look. The apartment Darlinghurst, is an apartment built in 1915 on the east coast of Sydney and has been renovated. Beautiful edible plants follow the veranda , a bonsai is also present, and of course the sunny views of nature from the outside make the dwelling a heavenly cabin.

The living room is open on the garden

open living room outdoor garden

The third example is a beautiful and successful renovation, it is a family home in Camperdown, Sydney, which uses the playful side to create an ideal space for the family. This home has a beautiful garden designed by designer Brendan Moar, who has chosen decorative plants and green landscape for the home. the fourth and final example, is a dwelling house in Petersham, in Sydney's Inner West, which provides natural light throughout the day through floor-to-ceiling windows.

A garden pathway with stones and planted bamboo

garden alley stone bamboo

Modern furniture and a fireplace in an open living room

modern living room sofa

Minimalist design for a modern stay

hallway wood sheds

The kitchen is open on the living room

modern kitchen renovation

Another example of modern kitchen after renovation

modern kitchen renovation

Metal shelves expose green plants and books

shelves succulent plants

A brick living room with an original fireplace

renovation modern living room bricks

open modern living room

modern glass kitchen

wide window design renovation

walls glass garden

green plants inside

modern kitchen renovation

garden terrace design renovation

dining room wood

outdoor dining room

original bathroom

white living room beige sofa

modern renovation design living room

modern living room fireplace

modern living room door glass

open living room garden terrace

wood floor surface

terrace modern furniture

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