Repaint living room: pastel color ideas

repainting living room deco feminine style

Pastel colors are comforting and inviting, perfect for the walls of a living room. Here are ideas of pastel colors to renovate and repaint yours. The period during which the pastel colors were associated only with the decoration of the nursery rooms is gone.
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Today, the tones of the pastel palette are used in the different rooms of the house for the creation of clear, relaxing and elegant decorations of various styles. Explore our selection of pastel-colored living room pictures and suggestions for incorporating colors into your living room décor.

Repaint living room with pastel colors: deco idea with vintage elements

repainting living room ideas pastel color

During the 20th century, pastel colors were associated with femininity and children. They were very popular during the 50s and 60s, when they were accompanied by a decoration in bright colors and were used in interiors with daring contrasts, typical of the period. If you like vintage decoration, you can take inspiration from this type of decoration to introduce a pastel color in your living room and accompany it with some retro accessories.

Repaint living room with pastel colors: relaxing decoration idea

repainting living room palette pastel color

Pastel colors and, in particular, the clear shades of the color pallet pastel have a relaxing property recognized. For this reason, they are an ideal choice for living rooms with a Zen atmosphere. If you want to create a lounge that invites you to relax, consider the possibility of using a painting in light pastel shades. The walls painted in these colors harmonize well with fabrics in other shades of the pastel palette, but also with wooden floors and wooden design furniture and wrought iron.

Repaint living room with pastel colors and furniture ideas

repaint living room wall color painting

As we have said, wood is a friend of pastel colors. For a successful living room decoration, accompany the pastel painting of light-colored wood furniture, such as oak, bamboo and maple. Resin furniture is also a good choice for decorating a living room painted in pastel colors.

Repaint living room: decoration idea with pastel colors

paint colors for neutral living room

Do you like the look of shabby chic lounges or the rustic and country-style decor typical for holiday homes? In this case, feel free to choose a soft pastel color for the painting your living room, with decorative furniture and accessories in white, pink, yellow, blue or green for a more natural touch.

Contemporary decor and living room repainted in pastel colors

color painting salons

Is it possible to harmonize the painting in one of these colors with a more modern style decoration? Yes, absolutely, and here is an idea to do it: choose a pale shade of yellow or beige for the paint of your living room and contemporary design furniture in cherry wood. For an even more modern look or masculine, complete the decor with a dark color furniture such as, for example, this beautiful leather sofa on the picture above.

Examples of interiors and pastel painting

ideas paint lounges pastel colors

Pastel colors offer a lot of decoration possibilities in different styles, while illuminating the interior space and reflecting the natural or artificial light. If you are renovating your living room, consider using one of these colors to paint your walls, drawing on our selection of images. You will not regret it !

Repainting living room with pastel painting

painting repainting his pastel living room

Repainting living room: color ideas

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Repainting living room and pastel decor

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Repaint living room and pastel colors

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Repaint living room: pastel color ideas

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Repainting living room: color ideas

repainting living room colors painting

Repaint living room: pastel color ideas

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Repaint living room: pastel decoration idea

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Repainting your living room and decorating idea with pastel colors

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Repainting his living room and idea of ​​pastel colors

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Repaint living room and pastel colors

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