Repainting a wooden furniture: ideas and tips

repainting a furniture wooden idea furniture tv

How repainting a piece of furniture in wood ? Discover what you need to know to choose a paint suitable for your furniture, old or new, varnished wood or raw. The decision to repaint a piece of furniture is practical, economical and ecological for two reasons: you avoid investing in new furniture and give you a second life to the old.

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Repainting a wooden furniture: ideas and tips

repaint a piece of furniture wood idea brush wall deco

Depending on the aspect you want to revamp your furniture, you have several choices of paint. There is the paint for furniture based on classic acrylic, but also, very trendy, the effect paint with multiple finishes effect metal, leather, patina, aged ...

Repaint wooden furniture: double finish for an original effect

repainting a furniture wood drawers idea handles

Before starting the application of the paint, remember to clean the furniture with a little water and soap. For stains, it is possible to degrease them with alcohol to burn. If your furniture has cracks, you can fill them with wood pulp found in the stores. If it is a dresser with drawers, they must be removed and cleaned in their turn. Next, prepare the surface by sanding with fine-grained sandpaper in the direction of the fiber, then remove any dust that has settled on it with a damp sponge and let it dry.

Wooden cabinet repainted in black and white

black paint cabinet white idea repaint wood

To make the paint easier to adhere to your furniture, apply a coat of primer with a paint roller, thinking of the corners and other nooks. Let your furniture dry for four hours. Once your furniture is completely clean and dry, you can start the next step: painting.

Wall cupboard repainted in green with pretty handles

repainting a furniture wood wooden table chair idea plants

The choice of paint color depends on the style of your interior. Choosing a color that suits your furniture as well as the room in which it will be placed is important. If your piece lacks color and you want to add a little, why not paint your furniture in a bright color?

Repainted wooden table with matte finish

repainted wooden table idea pot deco repainted a piece of furniture

Painting the furniture all at once is important. Be sure to also apply the paint on all the parts that make it up: drawers, recesses and others. Before passing the second layer, let the furniture dry for a few hours. The second layer applied, you can let your imagination speak and add effects: change the color of the handles, make peas or other effects.

Wooden furniture repainted in orange with doors decorated with geometric wallpaper

repainting a furniture wooden idea cuffs decoration

Repainting furniture is a good way to change the mood and refresh the interior at a small price. This requires at least a full day to complete the task.

Large vintage dresser with drawers repainted in blue

convenient blue drawers idea furniture trend lamp plant pot resin

A beautiful contrast: blue furniture and black wrists

furniture repainting idea drawers wood parquet wood

Be sure to also apply the paint on all the parts that make up the piece of furniture

chest of drawers wood drawers idea parquet wood paint wood

Wooden coffee table with matte finish

repainting a furniture idea table wood finish

Commode in light blue with glossy handles

repaint furniture wood idea drawers wrists deco flowers vase

Dresser with vintage mirror repainted in blue

chest of drawers wood vintage wood drawers idea mirror deco flowers

Rustic wood coffee table

coffee table wood idea repaint furniture stool living room

Frame and small wooden furniture repainted in contrasting colors

furniture repainting idea frame wood dresser drawers deco wall frames

Garden chairs painted in light colors

chair wood painting idea finish

Cabinet with interior drawers repainted in blue / purple with lacquered finish

dresser paint idea drawers wrists wood drawers trend

Rustic wooden table

how to repaint a furniture table wood flowerpot

Beautiful vintage wooden dresser with authentic handles repainted in yellow

dresser wood drawers repaint furniture idea decor wall frames entry

White dresser with lacquered effect

dresser wood repaint wood drawers ideas carpet patterns

Wooden dresser with matte finish and authentic handles

repaint drawers finish matte handles decorations flowers entrance fitting

Idea of ​​painting for the furniture of the nursery

wood paint drawers idea dresser wood trend

Vintage dresser in yellow with pretty handles

wooden furniture idea drawers entrance fitting

Idea layout of the entrance with large dresser repainted in white

idea repainting furniture drawer deco handle entry mirror

Furniture with aged effect

wooden furniture repainting idea drawers wrists

Authentic table repainted in blue

furniture wood repainting idea drawers wrists original furniture wood

Rustic wood furniture repainted with matte effect

vintage furniture wood drawers idea deco frames

Office repainted in color Marsala

office wood painting idea chair deco frames shelf bedroom

Dark wood chest of drawers

chest of drawers idea wooden drawers wood metal

Dresser with drawers repainted in light green

furniture entrance painting idea tioirs wood repaint furniture trend

Green paint

repainting furniture painting deco entrance wall frames

Cabinet with aged effect and red handles

painting wood finish matte drawers idea red wrists

Authentic chest of drawers ready to be repainted

repainting a furniture wood drawers idea trend

Small wooden stool repainted in matt white

repaint furniture wood drawers idea chair flowers

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