Retaining wall: beautiful and useful!

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The function of a Wall The purpose of retaining land is to retain land in the case of sloping terrain, but this type of wall still has an important role. With a wall of this type, you can easily separate the different areas of your garden.

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Using a retaining wall separate the areas of your garden

retaining wall garden deco outdoor spaces

If you have a small space, you can easily separate your garden of flowers from your kitchen garden or patio. There are some methods to make a retaining wall. You can make it out of logs, bricks , rockfill or gabion. We will start with the wall made of wood.

A wooden retaining wall construction

DIY retaining wall construction

One of the advantages of this type of wall is that solid wood has an acceptable price, about 10 euros / m². In addition, the logs are easy to implement. They can easily be moved or adapted according to your individual preferences.

View of a stone wall

retaining wall amenagement exterieur maison

Another advantage of this material is that it is a natural material, for this reason it fits perfectly in a natural environment. You can also choose a brick wall. If your house is built of bricks, a retaining wall of the same material will be a nice option.

The brick wall fits perfectly in a natural environment

retaining wall deco garden bricks

If you are looking to add color to your garden, go for the brick wall. This type of wall will give a very clear and aesthetic appearance to your outdoor space. The price is higher, count about 45 € for the installation to m2.

Shrubs in a garden and a stone wall

shrubs garden wall stones

Know that there are different types of bricks: hollow brick is one of the most widespread. It offers strength and lightness at the same time. Facing brick is ideal for exterior walls. This type of wall gives an authentic and contemporary look. Red brick is classic, aesthetic and charming.

A beautiful decoration in a garden and a stone wall

beautiful garden wall stone decoration

In addition, thanks to its thickness, the red brick wall has a very good insulation, even if this type of walls remains quite expensive. The refractory brick has a very high resistance to heat. For this reason it is more reasonable to use this type of wall inside or for the construction of a chimney. In addition, the firebrick is the most expensive among the different types of bricks: about 60 € per m2.

A beautiful house and a natural stone wall

beautiful house natural stone wall

If you want to give a more natural side to your garden, opt for a rockfill retaining wall. This type of wall offers a lot of advantages. First, it adapts to all types of reliefs. However, it is a strong and durable material, aesthetic and very natural.

A garden with flowers

beautiful garden view flowers

In addition, you can choose the color of your riprap wall from red, ocher, white or gray. For a more aesthetic side, stones can accommodate plants. If you do not want to use concrete as material for your retaining wall, opt for a gabion wall. It is a nice alternative to concrete. These walls are very resistant.

A beautiful view in a small garden

beautiful view small garden

You can play on the height because the gabions allow to realize walls of great heights. There is a great variety of stone for the gabion . You can quite easily choose the right color that will be in harmony with your habitat. Each of these types has its advantages, it's up to you to choose the one you prefer.

A beautiful stone wall in a garden

beautiful wall stone garden

Once your wall is chosen you can think of the decoration. You can integrate light. By putting flowers, trees and shrubs, you will give your garden a romantic atmosphere and transform it into a perfect place for relaxation. All you have to do is see our selected photos and inspire yourself for your future retaining wall.

Stone wall for outdoor garden support

beautiful garden shrubs wall retaining wall natural stone

How to tinker a wooden wall

wood retaining wall construction

Stone wall with gardin for garden on several levels

zoom wall stone view stair

Decoration of retaining wall with plants

large stones garden retaining wall

Brick wall and wood for garden

wall soutenement view flowers

The construction of a retaining wall

wall construction

Modern design for this garden

modern garden design

Modern design for a retaining wall in a garden

modern design wall support garden

A simple garden with a stone wall

simple garden wall stones

A retaining wall in a beautiful garden

beautiful garden wall

An original wall and a beautiful terrace

retaining wall garden terrace

A small stone wall and a beautiful garden

small stone wall beautiful garden

A natural stone wall

natural stone wall garden

A beautiful garden with a retaining wall and a chic garden furniture

terrace garden wall soutenement view furniture

A beautiful relaxing garden

beautiful garden view relaxation

top view garden stones

garden view stairway wall stones

garden view wall support

garden view wall support stone

garden view separates wall soutenement

beautiful garden view

view house terrace wall soutenement

stone wall view beautiful flowers

zoom stairway wall support

zoom stone stairs garden

zoom large pot flower garden

zoom retaining wall

zoom wall garden stones

zoom natural stone wall

zoom wall support stones

zoom wall terrace garden

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