Retro bathroom decor: old-fashioned charm

deco bathroom retro ideas

The retro style is very trendy ... as we see in many magazines and decorating blogs. And yes, naturally, we all want to do the same thing at home. In the past, the bathroom was a strictly functional room and often it was not shown to guests.
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But hey, we all agree that it even happens to the guests to have to use the bathroom and this is where it becomes embarrassing if his decor is not really at the top. The solution? Today, we propose to revamp your bathroom with a retro bathroom decor which will make even the most capricious dreams dream of you.

Retro bathroom decor with black and white striped walls

deco bathroom retro walls black white

But does the retro bathroom decor also asks for a retro interior? Not at all! The idea of ​​choosing a single decorative style for the decoration of its interior has been outmoded for a very long time. So, have fun mixing the different styles and pieces and do not be afraid to experiment. To connect different parts, you can use colors, for example, or compromise on accessories. The idea is to keep the same theme in all the pieces to create continuity, but not necessarily the same style.

Retro bathroom in beige

deco retro bathroom bathtub

If you ever decide to opt for a retro Victorian bathroom decor, then be aware that the Victorian bathroom is very rich and screams "opulence". An elegant bathtub with feet, shiny floor covering, glamorous patterns and colors, not to mention the crystal chandelier: these are the elements of the successful Victorian decor. If you do not like chandeliers, then stained glass lamps are also a good option. For extra shine, add brass furniture, wall sconces or pendant lights.

Elegant retro bathroom with foot tub

deco retro bathroom bathtub feet

The bathrooms of the 50s, for their part, are utilitarian pieces with a touch of daring. It often happens to people to discover that the accessories in their bathroom already date back to that time. And in this case, instead of replacing them, try to play with them and use them in your favor. Column washbasin in pink? Very well! Go for accessories and furniture in similar soft shades and have fun with the laminate counter which, too, can be beautiful in pink. The mandatory elements of the 1950s bathroom are pastel colors, plastic and chrome furniture, vintage photos and posters, and vinyl stools.

Retro style bathroom in pastel colors

white retro bathroom decor

The 60s are the Beatles years and if this time inspires you, then the signs "Peace and love" should be everywhere in your home. But the 60s are also the lawyer's period - the color of the moment for bathrooms and kitchens. So bring that color back to life in your bathroom by combining it with orange, yellow and even, in moderate amounts, with brown. The details? Stripes, black and white tiles and circles, rugs, glass and chrome. One of the advantages of the 60s look is that it is very easy to find vintage items in today's stores. Have fun with the decoration of your bathroom but remember that the decor must give the impression of being created on purpose not to never be renovated.

Retro modern bathroom in dark blue

dark blue retro bathroom decor

Bathtub for retro bathroom in gold

bathtub bathroom golden

Vintage bathroom furniture in black

retro bathroom decoration

Bathroom decorated in 50's style

bathroom retro decorations annes-50

Retro bathroom glamorous deco

deco retro bathroom bathtub elegant

bathroom decor r & tro blue

light blue retro bathroom decor

deco retro bathroom design

retro bathroom design elegant

elegant retro bathroom decor

deco bathroom retro idea

deco bathroom retro washbasin design

deco bathroom retro brown pink

deco bathroom retro furniture wood

modern retro bathroom decor

deco bathroom retro black white

bathtub bathroom feet

deco bathroom retro black white

retro bathroom furniture

white retro bathroom furniture

bathroom furniture retro wood

original retro bathroom furniture

vintage bathroom furniture

retro design bathroom

retro silver bathroom

bathroom retro baigboire feet

retro bath tub blue

bathroom retro decoration

retro bathroom design

elegant retro bathroom

bathroom retro idea

retro bathroom origianale

green retro bathroom

green white vintage bathroom

vintage bathroom deco

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