Romantic bed: 50 interesting ideas for a canopy bed

romantic bed ideas deco

The canopy bed is a bed romantic , creative and certainly a source of imagination in interior design. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a canopy bed - no matter the decorative style of the bedroom - to give more charm and personality.

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Originally conceived as a functional piece of furniture, the four-poster bed becomes a source of inspiration during the centuries and is experiencing a renaissance during the contemporary era. In this article we will introduce you to 50 interesting ideas how to decorate your bedroom in a romantic way with a canopy bed .

Romantic bed in a modern room

romantic bed room deco

Because of the rich history of four-poster beds, these pieces of furniture are often made in the traditional style. If you want to keep this tradition while using a romantic bed Modern canopy, opt for simplicity by using a single curtain on the posts. Then leave the ends along each side for a more romantic effect. Play with the placement of the curtains or add one on the other side. Use lightweight fabric to soften the design or heavier fabric for a bolder decor.

Deco bedroom idea with metal canopy bed

romantic bed modern design bedroom

You can create a magical paradise by surrounding your four-poster bed with a glow soft lights before going to sleep. Wrap light garlands with light transparent fabric and decorate - in the posts of the bed. The light produced by the garlands will create a very romantic atmosphere in the room. You can let the light blink all night or turn it off just before you fall asleep.

Romantic Deco Room with Four Poster Bed

romantic bed bedroom

Maybe you think that curtains and draperies seem good in theory, but are not very practical in everyday life? In reality, there is a practical and romantic solution and it is the rings that will allow you to attach the curtains and draperies to the bed frame. So you can easily close or open them according to your needs and desires. It is also possible to use decorative rope, ribbons or tassels to easily attach the curtains to each post of the bed.

Canopy bed in minimalist style

romantic wooden bed minimalist bedroom

Give your romantic canopy bed even more character by suspending different decorations from the posts or ceiling of the bed. Choose decorative paper lanterns, decorative stars, garlands of pearls, flowers, greenery, ribbons or crystals of different colors. These are creative ways to change the design of your bedroom.

Traditional design room with canopy bed

romantic bed canopy curtains

Change the style and appearance of your bed according to the seasons. Have fun modifying your look with decorative elements or original bedding. In summer, go for a lighter, more airy look and leave heavier materials and darker colors for colder seasons. The ways to decorate a romantic room with a four-poster bed are really numerous. Here are some interesting and inspiring ideas in pictures:

Idea room design with modern bed

romantic bed deco bedroom

Romantic bedroom decoration

romantic canopy bed bedroom

Romantic decorating idea in modern bedroom

deco bedroom adult canopy bed

Canopy bed of traditional wooden design

deco wooden canopy bed

Moroccan style canopy bed

deco bed canopy Moroccan style

decoration canopy bed design

decoration canopy bed metal

idee deco canopy bed room

idee deco modern canopy bed room

idee deco modern bed room

idea deco modern pink room

canopy bed bedroom white purple

canopy bed bedroom deco wood

canopy bed deco white blue

canopy bed deco contemporary room

canopy bed deco bedroom green white

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contemporary design canopy bed

canopy bed design elegant room

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romantic bed idea deco room

Romantic bed Idea Modern bedroom deco

romantic bed deco idea interesting

modern romantic bed room

romantic bed curtains bedroom

romantqiue bed traditional design room

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