Romantic decor for an unforgettable summer evening

deco romantic garden wood idea hanging table garden

What romantic decor to choose for his summer evening, in love or between friends? Decorating one's exterior is actually much simpler than decorating one's interior.

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You already have the natural decor present ... How then to imagine a decoration that will integrate and harmonize with the environment? Discover our gallery of 25 outdoor decoration ideas romantic and find inspiring ideas for the decor of your unforgettable summer evening!

Romantic decoration with candles

romantic deco idea outdoor candles

In the evening, it's dark. What is the most appropriate setting? The bright decor! of the light garlands , suspended luminaires powered by solar energy or simply candles: light your outside gently.

Garden path decorated with romantic candles

driveway garden deco romantic outdoor candles ideas

A small garden or a small terrace does not always allow the installation of bulky furniture or imposing decorative objects. The lack of space calls for minimalism, functional decoration and that does not take too much space. This is the case of candlesticks, below, hanging on a tree. Buy them or make them yourself with empty pots, it's up to you!

Romantic decoration with hanging candle holders

romantic garden decoration candle hanging modern idea

If you are having a romantic dinner in your backyard or on your patio, consider decorating the driveway and entrance to your home with candles. Place them on the ground by marking the path that leads to the table!

Romantic decorating idea for the garden path

romantic garden decoration idea garden fairway trend design candles

The reasons for installing a fence in his garden are numerous. On the one hand, the fence plays an occulting role and prevents unwanted external looks. If you like baths in the sun, it will provide you with the intimacy and the comfort sought. On the other hand, they have an important aesthetic function in the interior design and decoration. In general, garden fences are not very welcoming from the outside, but also when you are in the garden. To make the outdoor atmosphere more warm and less "fenced", consider decorating it!

Wooden fence decorated with candlesticks in DIY jars and orange candles

candle holder diy idea decoration wall fence garden wood

Place a bouquet of flowers or flower pots on the table to be even more in touch with nature. Below, we propose an idea of ​​terrace decoration during a dinner at the edge of a lake.

Romantic decoration of a terrace at the edge of a lake

romantic dinner deco garden terrace idea candles

Create original figures and shapes in your garden with small candles for a magic atmosphere!

Spirals created with candle holders and candles: what magic!

deco romantic garden candles idea outside trend

In general, glass candle holders are very resistant and choosing glass jars to make his own is a very good idea. If you have candle holders a little more original, why not make the beautiful pieces, below, with wood?

Wooden candlesticks to make yourself

candle holder wood diy idea deco table romantic

If you do not have the time to shop for decorative items that fit your home, here's a last-minute idea to make yourself! You need stemware, flowers and floating candles.

Beautiful decoration idea with stemware, flowers and candles

deco idea table romantic flowers candles design

For those who have water basins in their garden and for those who have decided to organize a dinner by the sea or a lake, think about illuminating the water by placing floating candles and add more water. flowers for a touch of irresistible femininity.

Water basin decoration idea

decorative outdoor romantic candles flowers idea

For the decoration of benches, chairs, armchairs and sofa, place cushions with floral pattern. This motif, very trendy this year in decoration and fashion, is more than romantic. Why not also put on a flower dress?

Decorate with floral motifs

outdoor decoration idea table wood floral motifs candlesticks hanging flowers

Creating and manufacturing is always a good idea. If you like DIY and painting, here is an idea to make at home with dry flowers, glue for glass, paint, flower pots and candles:

Idea of ​​candlesticks to make oneself

decoration diy idea pots flowers candle holders trend idea rope

Having a pool is very nice, enjoy the evening or the summer night is priceless! If you still do not decide how to light your pool, here is an idea of romantic setting :

Decoration idea for the pool with candles and lights

swimming pool deco idea diner romantic outdoor garden

You can also put aromatic flower leaves or rose petals.

Romantic pool decoration with flower petals and candles

decorative pool romantic candle idea flowers

For floating candles, think of candle holders made of water resistant material:

Decoration idea for the pool with glasses


To decorate with few objects is to decorate with taste and to choose carefully each element.

Table decoration in minimalist style

deco table romantic flowers bouquet idea

For those lucky enough to have their romantic dinner at the beach, we only have one tip to give: enjoy!

Romantic dinner at the beach

romantic deco dinner table candles idea

To create a comfortable exterior, nothing better than fluffy beanbags.

Modern outdoor furniture with ottomans

deco lounge garden-chair-candles

The vintage decor has something very special and can better customize it. Below, a table decorated with flowers and an Underwood typewriter: the class!

Vintage decoration with a typewriter Underwood

deco exterior vintage flowers original idea underwood

The glass jars can serve you as vases, candle holders and even original punch glasses.

Decoration with candle holders in hanging glass jars

hanging decoration garden tree candle candle holder idea

To decorate glass jars, painting is the simplest solution. A technique that few people know is "The towel collage" . If you have paper napkins with interesting designs, you can use them to decorate your pots using glass glue.

Glass jars decorated with the technique "towel collage"

deco jars glass original idea

Decorating vases and flowerpots with rope and fabrics is also an interesting idea.

Vase decoration idea with rope

romantic vase decorative table idea candleholder original white tablecloth

Spend a summer evening with friends or with friends is wonderful. Hoping that our gallery and our ideas were useful and you have already chosen your favorite, we wish you a pleasant romantic evening!

Romantic evening next to the pool

pool deco idea romantic sofa armchair

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