Romantic decoration for Valentine's day in 60 ideas

decoration romantic valentine's day tree suspension heart

In less than a month, the lovers' party will begin to come little by little and will settle in the form of romantic decoration in the city and in the shop windows.

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Often seen as a commercial and artificial party, in reality Valentine's Day has a long history. Appeared for the first time in the fourth century to the Anglo-Saxon countries, it was a pagan custom. At the beginning, the tradition was that young people participate in a kind of "lottery of love" to find a spouse. Nowadays, many people celebrate this holiday in very different ways. If you want to invite the spirit of Valentine's Day to your home, avoiding the expense and crowds in the stores, then build your romantic decoration yourself! To give you ideas and inspiration, we have selected 60 examples of self-made decorations that are easy to make.

Romantic decoration for Valentine's Day table

Valentine's Day table idea decorate original

The immediate association we make when we enter "Valentine's Day" is a red heart. It is not surprising then that most of the decorating ideas you will find here come in the form of heart. Inescapable symbol of the feast of lovers, it comes in different forms to say a very simple and very complicated thing at the same time: "I love you".

Garland of little hearts original

decoration romantic valentine's day idea garland wool

The easiest material to work with is paper or cardboard. Bring scissors, pencils or markers, stickers, scotch and create your romantic Valentine's Day decoration in minutes. Here is a tree that decorates the wall made of recycled paper:

Original cardboard tree with little hearts

decoration tree wall valentine diy idea cheap

If you have the chance to spend Valentine's Day in a country where winter is not present and more you have a garden Here is an outdoor decoration idea with red cardboard hearts that you can easily make:

Tree decorated with cardboard hearts

decoration valentine day original idea outside

The best decoration for your table is the romantic candles . Heart-shaped or decorated with hearts, they will immediately create a warm, romantic and cocoon. It is possible to buy them in specialized stores or to manufacture them yourself.

Table decoration with self-made objects

decorate table valentine's day candle idea

Beautiful heart-shaped rose crown: to offer or decorate with

beautiful wreath of roses idea valentine deco

Decoration for the Valentine's Day table ... delicious!

Valentine's day deco idea bouquet sweet roses

Romantic candles in heart shape

decoration valentine's day romantic candle idea table valentine's day

Coup de coeur: Garland to make with real roses or paper roses

deco saint valentine garland paper idea original diy brico deco

Valentine's Day: the lovers' party

cardboard heart diy romantic deco idea

Garland to make yourself

valentine's day decoration garland idea hearts cardboard diy

Outdoor table decoration with paper garland and yellow flowers

decoration table outside valentine garland paper hanging bouquet of flowers

Goblets "I love you" for her and for him

decoration valentine's day goblet original idea

DIY wool heart

decoration romantic valentine heart wool idea decorating room

Original Valentine's day decoration to make oneself, idea Uncommon Designs

decoration saint valentine idea glass diy wood

Idea of ​​decoration for Valentine's Day in pink, red and white

decoration valentine's day diy table idea cake

DIY paper garland, more ideas on Hello Little Home

idea decoration romantic valentine's day garland paper hearts

decoration saint valentine diy idea brico deco original

idea recipe holy valentine deco table idea diy

garland heart diy deco st valentin original idea hanging original

romantic decoration heart cardboard hanging idea deco garland valentine's day

garland heart cardboard diy st valentine idea suspension

brico decoration valentine valentine garland fabric original idea

decoration diy holy valentine idea heart paper

valentine's day decoration table cake shape pink original idea

idea valentine's day decoration romantic table heart

diy wool heart deco idea original valentine's day

heart roses idea valentine day diy original diy

box diy idea cardboard hearts deco table st valentin

valentine's day deco idea brico postcard romantic heart card pink

deco diy idea heart paper brico deco valentine cheap

decoration valentine's day hearts idea decoration brico

box heart card idea diy original decoration saint valentine

pink heart cardboard diy idea brico deco romantic valentine's day

wall decoration valentine's day idea deco romantic hearts cardboard diy

decoration romantic valentine's day deco idea table hearts sugar recipe valentine's day

decoration romantic valentine idea jars jam idea recovery painting wood ideas

heart diy idea deco panel black white deco romantic valentine's day

valentine's day decoration idea recipe

decoration to make yourself idea heart card valentine

candle deco st valentine paper idea decoration romantic valentine's day

bouquet of roses idea valentine's day deco original romantic roses

heart cardboard decoration romantic diy deco valentine's day ideas

decoration heart saint valentine original idea diy

decoration saint valentine idea DIY cheap decoration romantic

pendant hanging valentine romantic wool diy idea easy

romantic decoration st valentine idea cardboard diy

decoration holy valentine romantic idea diy

original decoration valentine day woolen hearts hanging

valentine heart diy idea suspension decoration romantic

deco saint valentine minimalist idea heart paper

decoration valentine cardboard diy idea heart cardboard

diy saint valentine deco garland paper cardboard idea brico

deco table valentine's day romantic idea original diy

idea decoration romantic diy st valentin cardboard garland fabric

decoration saint valentine diy idea romantic table coaster knit

decoration romantic valentine's day idea boxes cardboard candy

panel wood deco diy love idea romantic valentine deco house interior

romantic decoration for Valentine's Day diy original idea

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