Room with bathroom: fusion of harmonious spaces

bedroom with contemporary bathroom

Merging spaces is a contemporary trend that is due to several factors: innovation, lack of space or desire to enlarge the space ... The kitchen open to the living room or the dining room has become an indispensable part of contemporary living spaces .

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Room with bathroom: bathtub in the center of the room

room with bath tub

In general, the bathroom is a space apart in a dwelling. It is quite possible to create a room with a bedroom and bathroom in the style of a loft. Sometimes it is a matter of space: enlarging the area of ​​the room or want to create a place of intimacy. To design such a space, planning ideas are numerous.

Room with separate bathroom with glass partition

room with bathroom glass

The bedroom and the bathroom are two areas dedicated to relaxation and well-being, their fusion is harmonious. Partitions are no longer needed, the more open spaces are, the more relaxed you feel. Space saving is obvious.

Bedroom with bathroom: modern Italian shower cubicle

room with bathroom italian shower

To succeed in the development of your bedroom with bathroom, we must take into account a few factors: the degree of intimacy desired, the surface available, your needs and your lifestyle.

Room with separate bathroom wall partition

room with bathroom idea design

Two rules will have to respect whatever your choice of development: a ventilation and a aeration perfect, as well as maintaining a good temperature are essential. Regarding the aesthetic aspect: it is good to unify the two spaces. Behind a partial partition or with a sliding door, open on the terrace for more light, you can integrate the bathroom in your room in many ways depending on the available space and the desired configuration.

Bath in the bedroom separated from a window

layout bedroom with bathroom idea cabin shower tub original idea

A master suite including bathroom and bedroom is a decision that can adapt to different lifestyles. You can also consider a second bathroom in your apartment, but you will probably need a private area that offers you absolute privacy. This merge will help you visually enlarge the space. Nowadays, more and more people are living in small spaces and they are trying to succeed in a large room instead of creating separate spaces.

Bathroom behind the bed

bedroom fusion suite master bedroom italian shower

For a room of more than 20 m², it is quite possible to create a practical and comfortable bathroom. For a space of less or about 15 m², you can install a small shower, a simple water point with a shower or a small bath. To preserve privacy, you can install a partial partition: screen, storage cabinet or a partition made of cellular concrete. A glass partition is also a good idea as it will filter the light.

Two modern merged spaces

bedroom bathroom bathtub idea fixture plush hanging floor mats

Another possibility is to install a freestanding bathtub or a platform in the center of the room without any partition. A walk-in and round shower is recommended.

Minimalist bedroom decor

bedroom with bathroom design idea bathtub design

Room with contemporary decor

room with bathroom idea layout cabin shower bed

Shower cabin with shower Italian modern

bedroom furniture cabin Italian shower original parental suite

Large room including bedroom and large separate glass door bathroom

bedroom with bathroom idea original sliding door glass design

Separate bedroom and bathroom with glass partition

bedroom bathroom parental suite original idea

Bath and shower cubicle integrated into modern bedroom

master suite idea bath shower cabin bed layout modern bedroom

Very original interior accentuating the yellow color including bathroom, relaxation area and several storage spaces

yellow bathroom interior design modern mirror design

Large deep room with bathroom open to the bedroom

bathroom idea room bedroom suite master bedroom original washbasin

Large bathroom forming a separate room

bedroom furniture idea bathroom

The louvered door lets in the light, but not the curious eyes

integrated bathroom bedroom idea layout

Glass partition with black frame

bedroom bathroom fusion lamp hanging design

Sliding wooden door for more privacy

bedroom bathroom master suite idea door modern design

Glazed shower cabin with toilet included

layout bedroom with bathroom idea cabin italian shower deco design wall

Black interior room with integrated bathroom

bedroom bathroom interior modern black design shower cabin deco

Bedroom open on dressing room and bathroom (right)

room-access-dressing-room-of-bath suite-master

Gray interior with integrated bathroom (left)

cabin shower room idea wall decoration modern design

Small student room with shower cubicle in the center of the room

cabin shower room idea integration design modern storage practical bed

Opaque glass

arrange bedroom bed bathroom suite bedroom

Sliding door acting as part separator

room door idea separate bathroom original room

Large bathroom with glazing and shutters

master suite bedroom bathroom design

Room arranged in length

bedroom idea bathroom suite

bedroom master suite bathroom idea italian shower cubicle

bedroom with bathroom idea cabin shower layout bed design

bedroom design bathroom design pendant light design sofa

bedroom bathroom shower cubicle floor rug furniture original idea

room bathroom idea bathtub center room comfort

master suite design modern shower cabin lti two places


design bathroom cabin shower design double bed

amenagemenet master suite idea bathroom bedroom

modern bathroom closion wood design bedroom bed lamp idea

arrangement bedroom idea sliding door wood design parquet

bathroom space idea bedroom modern bath wall deco design

modern bathroom design idea floor rug mirror bathroom master suite

arrange bedroom bathroom idea lighting fixture design

bedroom suite master idea original white bathtub double bed

bedroom bathroom terrace bathroom original idea

separate bedroom bathroom master suite original decor idea

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