Round bed: how to integrate it in its interior

round bed idea interior trend cushions sofa

The round bed is very often considered bulky and impractical. Many people find that it takes up too much space.

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However, others think that the round bed looks chic and beautifully decorated. If you are looking for new ideas for your bedroom, why not consider this option? Round beds are very versatile and come in many styles. Modern and contemporary models are very impressive, with their discreet elegance and their beauty sophisticated. In any case, if you prefer a round bed , because he highlights the interior of your room or simply you like its unique aesthetic, discover our folder of ideas of how to integrate the round bed in its interior .

Round bed in modern style

round bed modern style idea cushions modern bedroom

If you have enough space, then it is possible to opt for a large round bed model and make it the focal point of your interior design. Choosing the right size is important for a comfortable bedroom. The bed itself does not have to be very big. he could however to have a great bedhead or a decorated frame as in the example above. he can also serve of separator enter the spaces.

Round wicker resin bed by Dedon

round bed dedon resin braided interior idea

To tell the truth, beds of this type are not always perfectly round! Most of the time they are oval shaped and sometimes they can even have irregular shapes. They are defined rather by their curved shapes and their soft lines. In some cases, the form is underlined by a cadre who has similar characteristics , becoming one everything with the mattress.

Stella Marina round bed inspired by the sea and shells

round bed idea room interior deco bedroom design

The round bed by Stella Marina features a design inspired by the sea, shells and oysters! The headboard is quilted and comes as a sweet and velvety extension of this "shell". The bed plays with curved lines and has an elegant, romantic overview and glamor .

Miami Boltz Letti design bed in a minimalist interior

round bed modern minimalist idea headboard black carpet floor scratches

Other round beds are with a simpler and more streamlined design. Nevertheless, it does not make them any less interesting. The bed Miami of Bolzan Letti has a simple but original design. It has a black headboard, its lines are smooth in contrast with the curvy shape of bed . The dressing is removable and available in leather, fake leather or fabric.
Zero Size Bed

modern design bed round idea lay out room floor mat

Another very simple and modern round bed design is Zero Size. It was designed by Pierangelo Sciuto and manufactured by Presotto Industry Mobili . Its design combines two basic shapes: the circle and the square. Although the base is circular, the headboard has straight lines and angles that correspond to the mattress. The result is a balanced look and harmonious .

Lullaby Due design bed

round beds design idea modern bedroom

Minimalism is elegance, this is what can easily define the design of the bed Lullaby Due . Although its design is modern, its overall appearance makes us think of the 60s. This is a bed with a timeless look. Its round frame is completed by a wing headboard. The swivel base allows it to become a central element in the layout of a room. The headrest also has a 360 degree rotating base which pivots in both ways . Lol!

Rustic style interior

idea bedroom bed design windows interior rustic style

There are many reasons that prove the advantages of a rectangular bed and yet the round shape is present! In a large space with large windows, a round bed could fit very well with the interior design and beautifully integrate the style and ambience. So if you want a round bed for your home, do not hesitate!

Attractive design bed

round bed idea quilted headboard

Modern style bed with leather headboard

round leather bed idea modern interior

Silver headboard

silver headboard idea modern bedroom

Bed with quilted headboard

padded headboard idea interior deco wall trend

Modern design bed in a minimalist interior

round beds idea design modern interior bedroom

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