Round garden table: aesthetic, symbolic, practical

white round garden table dining table

Do you remember the Knights of the Round Table? This is the table of the legend of King Arthur and his knights. You certainly know this story. But did you know why a round table?

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In reality, in the Middle Ages, flat tables were square. The king was to sit in the middle of the table and the places of honor were on his right and left. The round table was created after Merlin the Enchanter reveals to Arthur the need to gather the most courageous and honest knights to find the Grail. Indeed, the round table is a symbol of equality and fraternity. It is an ideal of chivalry. Inspire by this legend, we have selected for you a gallery of examples of garden table round and design.

Round polyethylene garden table Ikon

round design garden table in polyethylene Ikon table pedrali

The round shape also symbolizes the world. It is related to the divine and the natural. It is the perfect geometrical form par excellence. Sometimes, it is also associated with creativity. By and large, the round shape is nice. A square table or rectangular can be dangerous if you have children because they can hurt themselves at the corners of the table. By choosing a round table, your little ones will be safer. The round table is perfect for your family meals or with friends. It ensures an essential comfort during your lunch or dinner because you will have easy access to everything on Table without disturbing others. It is perfect for chatting or playing board games.

Round garden table in braided resin and metal

round garden table in wicker resin garden furniture

Polyethylene garden table Armillaria

garden table living room design living room garden round table armillaria

Armillaria garden tables come in different colors

round garden table small design armillaria colors

Round aluminum garden table

aluminum garden table design black garden living room

Garden table in wood and metal: simple and design

garden table wood garden chair wood stool

Aria round garden table

garden round table in stainless steel aria design

Swing Round Table by Fischer Mobel

Gray Round Swing Design Table by Fischer Mobel

Table eating white polyethylene Broncio

Table eating white polyethylene Broncio

Table mange polyethylene Broncio yellow

Table eating polyethylene Broncio

Dining table in polyethylene Broncio green

dining table standing polyethylene broncio table infiniti green

Round and resistant table, Kenneth design Cobonpue

hardwood garden metal table round outdoor garden chair


garden table wood design leaf arper

round table beige crystal graepel-italiana

round table garden wood chair heron

table rodne metal green design spritz studio

idea table garden metal white garden chair paola lenti

garden table wood garden armchair swimming pool

round design table outdoor garden landscaping

white round table garden landscaping

coffee table small outdoor furniture design casprini

white round design garden table outdoor chair

white garden table white garden chair bouquet

white design table outdoor chair loto nardi

small table pretty practical pink orange blue

white garden table metal garden chair resin braided rio

garden outdoor table design dedon folding garden chair

blue garden table design

deck chair white garden table spritz nardi

design table vitra metal garden armchair

practical stackable garden round table

removable yellow design small espresso table

garden furniture garden chair garden table espresso-ydf

small round table design chair outdoor furniture

white design outdoor table

modern design garden table kenneth cobonpue

round table aluminum ocean design ethimo

outdoor table round ocean round table design ethimo

tempesta design table by graepel italiana

vitra table white garden chair green palm

round table design elio mara black garden chair

round design garden table woven resin vega-table-garden-round-in-rattan-marrow-samuele-mazza

round yellow garden table design ames

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