Rustic bathroom decor ideas: comfort and warmth

unique bathroom design deco ideas

The bathroom is often overlooked when decorating the interior. But we spend a lot of our time in the common rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen.

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Therefore, it is very important that these rooms are furnished and decorated in a modern and comfortable way. The new trend in bathroom deco is the rustic style that is becoming more and more popular. In this article, we offer 50 ideas bathroom decor rustic with which you will create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the room. Making a rustic bathroom decor is easy. All you need to do is use natural stone, beams and wooden furniture.

Rustic bathroom decor ideas

deco ideas warm bathroom

The ideas bathroom decor that we share with you today, will help you feel closer to nature. The main elements of this style of decoration are natural materials such as stone and wood. The rustic style is often combined with industrial style, minimalist, shabby chic or traditional and the accessories you choose will depend on this. The natural stone floor or wood is the idea of ​​deco the most used in the rustic decor, while solid wood furniture is the focal point.

Bathroom decor in rustic style

deco ideas rustic bathroom deco

As for colors, opt for a natural palette. These are colors found in nature such as brown, green, red or gray. Put the walls of the bathroom in fresh paint in clear shade resistant to mold. Incorporate darker shades using accessories to give the space an expansive appearance that will serve as a rustic background for the rest of your home decor.

Modern rustic style bathroom decoration

deco ideas rustic bathroom design

The bathroom fixtures should also be inspired by the rustic style. Choose wrought iron wall sconces with pine cone accents and place them on each side of the mirror to accentuate it. A chandelier on the ceiling of the bathroom is also a great idea. As we said, the wooden floor is one of the key elements of the rustic bathroom. Opt for wood with a worn look for an even more original decor. Place a carpet in natural shades on the floor for more comfort.

Designer bathroom with rustic accessories

decorating ideas bathroom design original

You can use a shower curtain in dark colors and towels in coordinated shades. Also choose baskets where you will store your towels and accessories and decorate your shelves in the bathroom. The wall decor is another way to give a rustic touch to the space. Think of vintage postcards that you will frame and hang on one of the walls. The mirror with solid wood frame will help you create an optical illusion for a larger space in case you have a small bathroom. Here are now 50 original ideas in pictures for the rustic decor of the bathroom:

Bathroom with rustic wood wall shelf

decorating ideas bathroom rustic shelves

Wooden bathroom decoration idea

deco ideas elegant rustic bathroom

Bathroom with rustic design furniture

deco ideas rustic wood bathroom

Original bathroom deco

rustic contemporary bathroom decor ideas

Elegant wooden bathroom

deco ideas bathroom wood

Bathroom decorated with natural stone and wood

bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration with wooden furniture

wooden bathroom decoration

Bathroom with natural stone floor

decoration bathroom design

Original bathroom deco

modern wood bathroom decoration

deco bathroom bathtub original

deco rustic wood bathroom

deco rustic contemporary bathroom

modern bathroom design deco

deco bathroom original design

deco elegant bathroom

deco bathroom furniture wood

modern bathroom deco

original bathroom deco

deco bathroom original wood

rustic bathroom deco

deco bathroom floor wood

idee deco small bathroom

bathroom deco idea

idea bathroom deco baigbnoire shower

modern bathroom deco idea

rustic bathroom deco idea

deco ideas bathroom wood stone

rustic bathroom design deco ideas

deco ideas bathroom vanity washbasin

deco ideas modern bathroom wood

rustic bathroom decor ideas

rustic bathroom decorating ideas interesting

deco ideas rustic bathroom wood furniture

modern rustic bathroom decor ideas

original rustic bathroom decor ideas

ideas deco bathroom rustic shabby chic

wood bathroom furniture

wood design bathroom

minimalist rustic design bathroom

vintage rustic design bathroom

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