Salon color idea: find the color that suits you

idee-colored room-yellow-gray

No color idea living room ? The living room is the place from the inside where we often spend a lot of our time when we are at home.

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That's why he must be at the same time welcoming, soothing and elegant. But how to find the perfect color for your living room that will balance all these elements? Little trick - there is really no exact answer! Because the perfect color for you and your living room can, at the same time, be completely inappropriate for someone else. So choose a color that you really like and that complements your decor. And if you're about to revamp the room, then first choose the color of the walls and then the furniture and fixtures.

Living room color idea in dark gray

idea color living room modern gray

One of the most popular approaches to deco living room is to opt for bright colors. Because a piece in bright colors is often a very beautiful piece. If, for example, you decide to choose orange, then know that it goes well with white, black and even better with accessories in blue. And if you ever have to redecorate your color lounge long live, remember that the eclectic style combines wonderfully well with the vivid nuances of the walls. And if the walls of your living room are bright and cheerful, then opt for neutral shades for the rest of the room and create a nice, balanced decor.

Idea color living room with wall in blue

idea color modern living room contemporary

And sometimes there is nothing better than the soft and chic shades for the living room decor. If you decide to opt for deco in neutral and pastel colors, then choose vivid accents to create a beautiful contrast with the neutral palette. You can choose curtains or blinds in bright colors that, contrasting with the neutral walls, will always attract attention. Even a single room in bright color can be enough to complete and make the decor of the neutral living room more original. In other cases, the decoration with many accessories and brightly colored pieces, can be very successful provided a background that allows them to stand out as, for example, the walls in dark gray.

Modern living room decoration in brown

brown living room idea

Have you ever thought about choosing the color of the living room walls according to the color of the sofa? Yes, it may be an unusual choice, but it can also be a very harmonious choice. In addition to the sofa, you can take inspiration from the color of the chairs or chairs that are in the room. In the case of sofa or chairs and walls in neutral colors, do not forget to opt for decorative accents in bright colors as, for example, a wall panel that will stand out well, placed against the neutral wall .

Design living room decorated in light blue and gray

idea color blue modern living room

But again - there is really no rule that neutral colors must be accompanied by bright colors. It all depends on your preferences and the overall decoration of your interior. You can choose two or three neutral colors and alternate them to create a harmonious decor. Painting decorations on the walls is also a very good idea as you will see in the pictures below. But if you are not sure of your skills, it is better to call on professionals. Here are some ideas for the future color of your living room:

Design lounge in neutral shades

idea color living room accents

Contemporary living room decoration in gray and yellow

deco modern living room idea

Ultra modern design lounge in gray

color gray living room wall

Taupe color living room decoration

color wall living room taupe

Original living room in green and white

idea color living room green white

color wall living room idea

light gray living room decoration

yellow living room wall color

color black living room wall

color wall living room black yellow

color white living room paint

purple salon paint color

blue modern living room color

gray walls living room decoration

deco living room warm colors

deco living room color taupe

white living room deco design

blue yellow living room deco

red salon color idea

color blue living room wall

deco living room modern black white

green modern living room deco

black green living room deco

idea color living room gray yellow

modern gray living room color idea

interesting salon color idea

modern living room color idea

neutral living room color idea

idea color salon neutral shades

orange lounge color idea

idea color lounge fishing

idea color living room painting decorative

modern red salon color idea

idea color living room eclectic style

idea color salon taupe

green salon color idea

purple salon color idea

modern purple salon color idea

elegant contemporary design living room

yellow design living room idea

living room original design idea

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