Salon color idea: modern living rooms with yellow accents

idea color living room gray deco painting yellow

Want a new color idea living room for spring? Sun, daffodils, songbirds and gold - yellow is the most joyful color of all and yet very rarely found in modern decor.
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Why? Perhaps because the yellow is too bright and adventurous. Or maybe just because it is difficult to find interiors decorated in yellow. In this article, we will explore beautiful examples of living room with modern accents in yellow that show the flexibility of this joyful color through interesting details.

Living room color idea: modern living room in gray with accents in yellow

idea color living room yellow palettes colors

Yellow carries a plethora of meanings. Many see this color as a sign of wealth since yellow is also the color of gold, happiness, warmth and vitality. Others believe that this color stimulates the mind as it does for the eyes, improving critical thinking and creativity. So, if you are a creative person, then incorporate yellow accents into your living room is probably a very good idea.

Living room decoration in beige and yellow

idea color living room accents yellow decor

And since the yellow is so warm, so happy and so strong it should be used in moderation to avoid creating an overloaded decor. That is why it is advisable to use the colors so bright and strong as accent colors in the interior decoration. In the living room the yellow can be present in the form of decorative cushions, wall charts, curtains, coffee table design, or even vases, shelves or light fixtures. All these yellow elements are actually used to accentuate the overall decor of the room.

Ultra modern living room decorated in black and white and yellow

idea color living room decotation modern accent yellow

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yellow is a McDonald's restaurant, yellow has many variations very different from each other. Yellow is a primary color, but most of its shades have at least some red or blue to neutralize their brightness and richness. Yellow with red undertones tends to be warmer - it is, for example, the color of school buses or American taxis. The blue shades, on their side, create a colder effect. The yellow spectrum also includes mustard and golden shades.

Contemporary design living room in gray and yellow

idea color living room elegant armchair

As yellow exists in so many different shades, so it is not as difficult to find one that is not so strong. In addition, you can combine it with other colors to neutralize its brightness and warmth. Blue-gray and pale yellow or sky blue and mustard yellow for example are often a very nice combination. Another possibility is to combine yellow with purple because these two colors are complementary and become even more vibrant and elegant together.

Luxurious living room decoration in brown and yellow

idea color living room elegant yellow

Once you have outlined your decorative scheme for the living room, you can choose the other accessories and the exact shades of the colors you want to use. To do this, choose a central deco point for the room and pull the other colors and patterns from there. The modern living room with yellow accents well combined always creates a very beautiful decor.

Ideas for decor with touches of yellow

idea color living room accessory deco

Elegant living room decoration

idea color living room yellow gray

Living room decorated in industrial style

idea color living room industrial style

Living room with gray sofa and details in yellow

light gray salon color idea

Living room decoration idea with accessories in yellow

yellow contemporary living room decoration

yellow gray living room decoration

yellow blue living room deco

deco living room modern colors

yellow gray living room deco

deco living room modern yellow blue

deco living yellow walls

deco spacious lounge yellow accents

Scandinavian style living room deco

idea color beige living room yellow

idea color living room white yellow

idea color contemporary living room modern

color idea living room contemporary design

idea color yellow living room canape

color idea living room mustard yellow

idea color luxury lounge

idea color modern living room yellow

idea color living room yellow walls

idea color living room black yellow

color idea open living room

yellow green living room color idea

living room deco yellow cushions

yellow modern deco living room

living room decoration yellow accents

living room decoration yellow sofa

design lounge yellow armchairs

interesting yellow design salon

yellow brown design living room

living room design furniture leather

living room modern design yellow accents

yellow Scandinavian design lounge

elegant purple yellow lounge

modern living room yellow sofa

yellow accent wall lounge

ultra modern yellow living room

idea color living room design yellow

idea color living room modern yellow accents

idea color living room yellow sofa

idea color living room blue yellow

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