Salon color palette: decoration with dark tones

dark color palette deco living room design

You spent a lot of time looking for the right palette of colors for your living room and, now, are you wondering how to derive the maximum effect? If you have chosen to decorate your living room in dark tones, you can take advantage of this article and our tips to make your living room more elegant and comfortable.

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Color palette and modern living room decoration

dark color palette decoration living room white furniture

The color pallet Dark is particularly suitable for a living room of modern style, contemporary or industrial design. If you like one of these decorative styles, or if you are simply seduced by the dark furniture or the wall painting in these shades, you are probably afraid that the use of these colors will make your living room too dark and unwelcoming. . The solution to avoid a similar effect: play with light and some accessories.

Color Palette and Living Room Decor Ideas in Dark Shades

living room dark color palette light furniture

First, if your living room has large windows, you could use natural light by arranging the furniture so that they let in the daylight throughout the room. The curtains in light fabrics and lighter colors also add a little light and balance the color pallet in the room. You can see a nice example of this kind of harmony on the picture above.

Palette of color and decorative objects for living room in dark tones

purple color interior decoration

Another element to consider when decorating a living room in dark colors - such as black, brown, red or blue, for example - is the importance of accessories in lighter shades. For a successful and harmonious decoration, try to add accessories using this type of paints. For example, put a light carpet for the dark wood floor or a white or beige piece of furniture that would serve as an accent in the room. The photo above offers another example of light-colored accessories with a set of decorative objects on the shelves of a library.

Color Palette and Living Room Decor in Dark Blue

living room layout

In some cases, the living room decoration in dark colors can be completed by a set of deco paintings in lighter shades. Consider, for example, the possibility of hanging a series of vintage photos or posters on a wall. This solution will allow you to bring a more welcoming atmosphere to the room.

Color palette for living room and decoration idea

color palette idea deco living room

Works of art and metal and wooden furniture are another way to make a living room painted in dark color or with furniture in these colors more welcoming. This kind of solutions for the interior space will be particularly suitable for an industrial style living room or modern design, as in the picture above.

Color palette and modern design lounge in dark tones

trendy modern living room color palette

Lighting and artificial light, think of a way to highlight the decoration and accessories in the room while ensuring that it is well illuminated. To do this, do not hesitate to use not only conventional lamps, but also standing lamps or some suspensions design as, for example, those created by Aldo Bernardi . Remember to add lighting fixtures to all areas of the room, as darker decorations require more light in the slimmer corners of windows.

Modern living room decoration in black

black decoration modern salons

Use these tips, thinking of adapting them to the style of decoration you have chosen for your living room and you will get the most out of the color palette that appealed to you. And, to achieve a successful decoration, do not forget to consult all of our ideas for salons in dark tones with images that sive!

Modern living room and color palette

modern salons palette colors

Dark tones and modern living room colors

your darkness idea color modern salons

Living room painting and industrial deco

paint colors living room deco industrial

Color palette and red living room

color palette image salons in red

Color palette and small space lounge

small living room color palette

Color palette and living room with black wall

color palette living room wall decor black

Color palette and elegant living room

chic lounge color palette

Color palette and contemporary living room

color palette decor contemporary living rooms

Color palette and living room in blue

color palette blue paint salons

Color palette for living room

color palette living rooms

Color palette and living room with dark shades

colors photo salons dark shade

Color palette and contemporary living room

color decoration contemporary living rooms

trendy colors living room furniture

home interior deco dark color

idea decoration pictures living rooms your darkness

photo deco living room darkness

decorating idea salon bordeaux

gray living room

interior decorating painting living room idea

black living room wood decoration

interior decoration living rooms dark color

idea of ​​black decor white salon

color painting living room interior decoration

interior decoration living room deco darker

interior design living room painting dark shade

interior decoration living room color trend

interior deco living room black


deco industrial colors living room

industrial decoration colors living room

contemporary living room paint colors

kitchen open to living room

color painting black salons

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modern interior paint palette

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painting living rooms modern deco

color palette living room painting dark tones

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