Samsung shows Gear S2: the new connected watch

connected objects watch samsung gear

Discover the models of the new Samsung Gear S2 watch: a connected and high-tech object to offer you or give as a gift to a loved one without delay! The New watch by Samsung Electronics is not just a technological object.

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It is also a design accessory that we would like to wear with any kind of outfit . Intuitive and modern, the Gear S2 offers us even more possibilities of customization. These models have a rotating bezel and two buttons, Home and Back, which guarantee faster and easier access to messages and applications.

The new Gear watch by Samsung will come in two models: Gear S2 and Classic Gear S2

Samsung gear s2 connected watch

The Gear S2 is available in two versions: the Gear S2 and the classic Gear S2, allowing users to choose the model that best suits their personal style. The Gear S2 will have a modern silver-colored look (on the picture above) and the classic Gear S2 will be black in color and have a leather strap (on the picture below).

The classic Gear S2 watch with leather strap

watch gear s2 samsung models

The owners of this gem, created by Samsung, can stay connected to receive messages and notifications. They will have access to several functions thanks to a 3G connection with an e-SIM card. All these applications will be available thanks to a battery with a lifespan of up to three days. This will be a valuable benefit for all those who are inseparable from their gadgets and have no time to recharge them all the time. Here are all our pictures of the models of the new Gear S2:

New Samsung high-tech watch: Gear S2

samsung high tech watches

Samsung shows Gear connected to a mobile phone

samsung watch gear smartphone

Samsung Watch Gear Connected and Modern Accessory

samsung phone shows gear connected

Samsung Gear watch and phone

watch samsung gear phone

Samsung Gear Watch Models

Samsung model shows white

New Gear S2 Watch by Samsung Electronics

Samsung phone connect watch gear

Connected objects: Samsung shows Gear S2

Samsung connected objects watch gear s2

samsung gear watch design

new samsung watch gear s2

watch samsung black gear s2

samsung connect gear watch s2

samsung gear watch high-tech gift

new gear watch s2

watch connected samsung galaxy gear s2

watch computer samsung gear

Samsung gear object connects smartphone

Samsung Watch Connected Gear S2

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