Scandinavian design contemporary interior in the Netherlands

contemporary interior Scandinavian decoration

This publication invites you to visit a contemporary interior in Scandinavian style , developed as part of the RE-USE project by Global Architects. The purpose of the project was to renovate an apartment in an old Dutch building.

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The work was carried out in the spring of 2013. The result is a space with a lively and characteristic atmosphere that combines elements of different popular decorative styles and more particularly: contemporary, Scandinavian and industrial touches.

Contemporary interior with successful mix of styles

furniture contemporary interior decoration

According to specialists at Global Architects , this project was a challenge for them because it aimed to renovate the interior space, while maintaining the functions of the different rooms of the house and adapting them to the needs of the occupants nowadays. We can say this today without hesitation: this challenge was raised with great success.

Contemporary interior with industrial and Scandinavian touches

photos contemporary interior design nordic

The apartment is organized largely around an open and bright space where are the living room and the kitchen open to a dining room. In both parts of this large room, there is a white-dominated living room with a stone accent wall . This part of the room is partially separated from the kitchen and the dining room by means of two built-in furniture, serving as a bookcase and storage for wood. The latter brings an undeniably Scandinavian and warm touch to the living room.

Kitchen with Scandinavian atmosphere and contemporary interior

contemporary apartments scandinavian furniture

Continuing our visit, we enter the kitchen and the living room. Here, we find an approach similar to that used in the living room: two large closets integrated into the separation wall provide enough space for appliances such as the refrigerator and the washing machine, as well as for the storage of objects and objects. varied kitchen products. This solution leaves the rest of the room quite clear. The white-colored surfaces reflect the light penetrating through the large windows in a pleasant way, allowing it to soften the raw and natural air of a brick accent wall .

The small terrace of the contemporary apartment

industrial style terrace decoration

The apartment also has a small bedroom, transformed into a peaceful space with a happy marriage between white and wood, as well as a small contemporary terrace with barbecue. To continue the visit of this interior full of character, examine these photos:

Contemporary interior and Scandinavian style decor

interior decoration scandinavian style

Design furniture and contemporary interior

contemporary interior design architecture

Nordic style contemporary interior design

deco industrial interior contemporary design nordic

Scandinavian apartment kitchen with contemporary interior

contemporary apartment decoration

Scandinavian design bedroom and contemporary house

Scandinavian modern house bedroom

Plan of the apartment in the Netherlands

modern apartment plans

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