Scandinavian dining room: an elegant and practical decor

elegant Scandinavian design dining room

The dining room is often the jewel of the crown in the interior design. This is the place to gather for delicious meals, spend precious moments with friends on special occasions and discuss important topics at dinner.

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In the Nordic countries the Scandinavian dining room is seen as the heart of the house where the family meets around a hot meal with the most loved ones. In this article, we will introduce you to 47 Scandinavian style dining room decorating ideas to let you choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

Scandinavian dining room with simple decor

simple Scandinavian dining room

The first dining room Scandinavian that you will see is in an open space next to the kitchen. It is bright and light and perhaps the most accessible, with the furniture that comes mostly from the Ikea store. The beautiful black chairs are from the Esbjörn collection and the gray armchair in the corner of the room is part of the Strandmon line. The black and white carpet below the table is a very nice idea to define the dining room space.

Scandinavian dining room decorated in white and gray

Scandinavian minimalist dining room

The second dining room is decorated rather in the minimalist style. The modern gray interior is accentuated by the Wishbone design chairs - the iconic pieces by Danish designer Hans Wegner. Like the first, this dining room is also next to the contemporary kitchen in white and gray. The decor is extremely fluid with white wood flooring, white kitchen furniture and a simple white dining table.

Dining room with accents in yellow

Scandinavian modern design dining room

The third example of a dining room is a little more colorful and a little more cheerful. Beautiful wooden panels on the floor mark the transition from the living room, decorated with a carpet in neutral shades, to the modern dining room. The details and the pieces used in the decor of this dining room are remarkable - yellow and white chairs, an original wall clock and modern lighting in the kitchen and above the dining table.

Scandinavian style dining room with wooden table

Scandinavian white dining room

Minimalist and wrapped in simple white, the next dining room draws attention by its exclusive arrangement. The dining table is very welcoming with its light and dark woods. Giancarlo Piretti designed the translucent folding chairs used in the arrangement in 1967 but their appearance continues to be just as modern and elegant today.

Black and white dining room decoration

scandinavian black white dining room

The black and white decorative scheme is perhaps the most used scheme in Scandinavian decoration for the living room, the bedroom or as in our case - the dining room. The fifth, simple black and white dining room is just warm enough to make you want to sit down and chat even after you have finished your delicious meal. As you continue reading you will discover many more beautiful ideas than those above that can serve as inspiration if you like the Scandinavian style.

Small dining room with round table

scandinavian dining room idee deco

Dining room with design chairs

modern Scandinavian dining room

Dining room with chairs of different styles

scandinavian dining room design chairs

Modern dining room with chairs in blue

Scandinavian dining room original chairs

decoration dining room idea

decoration dining room wall bricks

deco scandinavian dining room

deco Scandinavian modern dining room

Scandinavian deco modern dining room

gray kitchen dining room

dining room deco gray blac

dining room deco furniture wood

modern deco dining room

dining room decoration idea

white design dining room

dining room design idea

interesting design dining room

dining room design wood furniture

modern design dining room

dining room deco

dining room wood furniture

dining room furniture modern wood

modern dining room deco

scandinavian dining room metal chairs

contemporary Scandinavian dining room

Scandinavian dining room deco idea

Scandinavian dining room original deco

Scandinavian design dining room

Scandinavian modern design dining room

Scandinavian gray dining room

Scandinavian dining room design lamps

Scandinavian dining room wood furniture

original scandinavian dining room

Scandinavian dining room white table

scandinavian dining room design table

Scandinavian dining room round table

dining room wood table

dining room scandinavian wood table

Scandinavian style dining room

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