Scandinavian-inspired contemporary style studio decor

idea deco studio sofa gray cushions tables composition frames armchair black coffee table shelves

Small spaces are the favorite spaces of interior designers because they always represent a challenge. How to decorate and decorate it to optimize it to the maximum?

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This task requires rethinking the space to achieve the best results possible. If you are looking for original ideas for decorating your studio or small apartment, we invite you to discover our selection of deco idea studio furnished and decorated in a Scandinavian-inspired contemporary style.

Scandinavian-inspired studio decor

idea design studio sofa gray design frames walls chair black ottoman

In general, the original decoration is inexpensive and requires more creativity than means. On the other hand, if you are passionate collector of design objects and antique dealers, our advice is to opt for more markets flea markets only for specialty stores because prices are often very high.

Idea deco studio with fixtures suspended design, candles, table and carpet design

idea deco studio sofa black fixture suspension floor mats coffee table armchair leather

If decorative objects are less numerous, you will better accentuate them and you will highlight your interior. Choose from pretty designer pendant lights, an original patterned floor rug or cushions of different colors already constitutes an important part of interior decoration. You can then add bouquets of flowers, flower pots or flowers and dry branches. All this will only cost you a few cents.

Minimalist style interior

idea deco studio frame wall cabinet wood white carpet floor

The original decoration is not expensive. On the contrary, DIY has become very trendy in recent years. Tinkering with your own furniture and objects is one of the guidelines of contemporary design. The recycling of old objects has become a must if you want to live in a harmonious space. It is also a respectful gesture of the environment. Instead of inversting the making of objects from far-off lands, you can simply stack all the items you no longer need and be creative!

Contemporary interior with frames decoration

idea deco studio minimalist style design wooden table frames

You can decorate your walls with pretty frames or make collages of papers. Why not draw a painting or ask a friend who likes to draw to do it and then install it on your wall? It will be a unique decoration! In the digital age, we tend to forget that before the photos were paper. If you still have some, you can make a nice composition. Here, a personalized and original decoration. Hoping that you will find his inspiring ideas, we wish you a very good visit!

Decoration with pendant light design, floor mats, succulents and original patterned cushion

deco idea studio floor rug pattern sofa design furniture blue pendant light

Scandinavian-inspired interior with minimalist decor

idea deco studio design coffee table wood fireplace ball metal

Drawing of a dog

deco idea studio wall sofa white cushion floor mats cow faux leather

Nature and art

idea deco studio cheap design modern minimalist office white

Very elegant interior with decoration of objects in dark colors

deco idea original studio frame objects modern lamp

Beautifully decorated work area with industrial-style pendant light

idea deco studio wall design frame drawing desk wood white fixture hanging chair green

idea deco studio sofa gray cushions original patterns lamp

idea design studio minimalist style design chair white design mirror

deco studio idea frame abstract table coffee table glass wood floor rug dark gray pendant light chair black cushion orange

idea deco studio frames wall éclairaga bedroom night table

deco studio idea bedroom table furniture wood

idea deco studio office wood armchair design shelves sofa white cushions frames composition

studio decoration idea cushions floor mats

deco studio idea floor rug wooden table armchair white design shelves

decoration studio art idea bed parquet wood design curtain white

decoration studio design sofa white cushion floor mats white shelf

coffee table design floor mats shelf wood sofa fixture suspension

idea deco studio frame office chair design flowerpot

deco studio design scandinavian idea wall table fixture suspension white

decoration studio original idea sofa black design scandinavian pouf pattern flowers lamp floor mat white

idea deco studio frame wall original design sofa armchair gray carpet brown

deco studio design idea lamp suspension white table design

decoration minimalist apartment contemporary design

deco minimalist studio design frame fixture suspension sofa gray

decoration studio lamp suspension design coffee table wood bouquet flowers

deco studio modern fixture suspension ottoman white sofa

deco studio idea plant modern living room design television

black and white frame composition beige floor rug white sofa cushions fireplace

decoration original interior modern design lighting idea

decoration apartment small space idea floor mats gray lamp chair orange furniture

decoration studio idea design lamp floor mats brown screen

interior decoration small apartment idea plant office

bouquet of flowers design idea sofa white luminaire in suspension

decoration apartment design fixture suspension wooden table chair

modern deco design sofa black cushions white curtain bed white transparent

composition paintings deco wall original sofa gray cushions floor mats modern design

deco idea original wall design studio design wood chair black

idea deco studio corner sofa white frames flowerpot floor rug gray vegetation

deco studio white design bed frame office chair ergonomic

deco studio wall mirror design plant

modern decoration armchair sofa gray blue design chair bar bouquet flowers

indoor modern design sofa bed floor rug pattern chair wood plant flowerpot

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