Scandinavian Office: 50 Ideas for a Practical Workplace

Scandinavian design furniture

Looking for a Scandinavian office for a work space in your home? Find the office you need using this article.

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If you work at home or if you are building a work space that you have elsewhere, you probably know that a workplace needs to be practical and aesthetic at the same time. The Scandinavian style is a perfect solution for home office or small spaces, because it combines outstanding functionality with simple and pretty lines. We offer 50 images of the most beautiful Scandinavian offices in natural materials and typical colors for the North of Europe. And, more: a practical information sheet on Scandinavian design and on the decoration that best suits the work corners of this design.

The Scandinavian office and its style: practical info

retro scandinavian wood desk

Before you start shopping for Scandinavian furniture office first think about the essence of what characterizes this kind of style. Need a reminder? Here's some practical information: Scandinavian style was born in the Nordic countries in the early 1930s, but its name only became popular in the 1950s. The essential feature of this style is simplicity and functionality: Scandinavian decoration offers only the bare minimum necessary for life. The design behind this style is that all decorations that have no practical value are a kind of distraction from the point of view of the shape and ergonomics of the furniture.

The Scandinavian office: materials and colors

nice Scandinavian office deco

Therefore, it is understandable that bright colors are not among the priorities of the Scandinavian style. This is even more true for the desks and workspaces that are supposed to allow the people who use them to focus and, therefore, they need to spare them unnecessary distractions. For this reason, the Scandinavian desk is realized, most, often in the natural colors of wood, light or dark, or in black and white. The materials of which it is made are simple and not pretentious: wood, metal and glass.

Modern Scandinavian office to manufacture oneself: idea by Vancity Voicebox

modern office layout ideas

The Scandinavian or Nordic style being born from the environment in which it appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, is practical for small spaces. If you are looking for a table for a small work area, the Scandinavian office is what you need! In addition, due to the northern European climate, which is characterized by its long and cold nights, the creators of this region have adopted a design that allows them to create bright interiors . That is why it is important that your Nordic-style work area be cleared and free of unnecessary papers: these can be stored in one of the Scandinavian furniture that you can see accompanying the desks on the pictures.

Scandinavian glass and metal desk: the epitome of minimalist design

modern deo offices glass

But the simple style, characteristic of Scandinavian deco, does not mean that your office area should lack personality. To personalize your workspace with Scandinavian design, you can create color accents on walls using paintings or wallpaper. You can also complete your decor with a Scandinavian carpet . The shapes that go best with Nordic decoration are those of geometry, as you can see in the pictures below. Discover all our proposals on Scandinavian desk theme through the images below!

Nordic offices in glass and black with geometric decorations

decoration corner desk scandinavian white black

Vintage style wooden desk with decorative accent on the wall

vintage office corner decoration

White table used as desk in Scandinavian style in a homework area

Scandinavian design desk corner

Scandinavian retro style wooden desk

corner desk fitting wooden furniture

Vintage desk with chair in Scandinavian style in wood

Scandinavian decorations vintage house

Small space layout with Nordic desk in modern style

small work tables

Small space idea with Scandinavian desk in white and black

decoration white black small offices

Idea for small space working area with white desk and plastic chair

decorations small housing corner modern office

Scandinavian white office for small spaces

office corner furniture arrangement white

Desk in black with modern furniture in white

Scandinavian style modern office furniture

Modern Nordic table in white and wood

Scandinavian design furniture for offices

Workplace in Nordic style

furniture work space home furniture scandinavian

Scandinavian style table for home office layout

Nordic decoration office furniture

Scandinavian style desk with bright black and white decoration and geometric shapes

Scandinavian decorations office and furniture

Scandinavian design desk for work area at home with multicolored wall decoration

Nordic decoration corner white desks

Scandinavian desk with white cabinet for home work area

Scandinavian modern design tables

Scandinavian tables at home office

Scandinavian offices work at home

small offices layout nordic style

scandinavian tables nordic decor desk

Nordic tables Scandinavian decorations

Nordic style Scandinavian style tables

contemporary offices white chair

work area in Scandinavian style wood

black and white deco modern desks

industrial tables and wooden desks

work area at home landscaping table

modern offices work house

Nordic desk decorating ideas tables

modern wooden furniture design tables

Nordic tables white decoration

modern white Nordic design tables

black and white decoration modern offices

wood decoration Nordic design tables

Scandinavian office furniture decoration work area

Nordic furniture arrangement small office

Scandinavian wall decorations small offices

furniture design scandinavian furniture

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