Scandinavian style Christmas decoration in 25 ideas

decoration for christmas design fir cardboard black idea minimalist star

In less than three weeks the big Christmas day will arrive. Have you already decorated your home? If you want a Christmas decoration more original this year and you like Scandinavian design, discover our selection of 25 ideas and invite the Scandinavian Christmas spirit to your home.

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Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decoration to make yourself

deco christmas scandinavian style design deco pinecones to manufacture

Scandinavian design is characterized by its tempered simplicity. The presence of nature is also important. For a Nordic decor, you need very few objects and a little creativity. The presence of colors should be moderate. The Scandinavian decor is sweet. It is different from that of traditional Christmas. Less dynamic, the Scandinavian style is fresh and elegant. Its great advantage is its easy realization, its low price and its ability to integrate wonderfully into any style of interior design.

Decoration for Christmas aesthetic, practical and original

deco scandinavian christmas idea house design object deco christmas modern

If your interior is rather minimalist, Christmas is an opportunity to add a little color. The light garlands with different color bulbs are a good way to invite the Christmas spirit to your home and gently light up the space. To stay minimalist, do not add other colors. Such a bright accent is more than enough.

Hanging feathers

deco christmas elegant design idea hanging deco fir tree

The decor and minimalist and / or Scandinavian style are ideal for those with small living spaces. Recreate this style of home design is simple. Install a small Christmas tree or draw on the wall or elsewhere. Decorate with a white garland or some silver or gold stars. Privilege figurines and objects made of natural materials: wood, wool, dead leaves, branches, pine cones and others.

Authentic and warm decoration

christmas decoration authentic idea candle wooden chair modern design

Wooden tray decorated with different objects

decoration christmas idea interior pine cones tree garland christmas hanging white vase idea

Hanging paper hearts

deco christmas heart paper diy idea deco fir tree suspension

Christmas tree with minimalist decoration and small star

christmas decoration christmas idea christmas star star garland christmas

Idea of ​​decorative objects for a Scandinavian style interior and minimalist

deco nordic idea interior deco christmas design

Decoration with cones and tree branches

christmas decoration minimalist style scandinavian design candle pot pinecones

Paper garland

decoration for christmas design garland paper brico idea interior scandinavian original design

Small white houses

decoration for christmas house wood design idea nordic interior

Suspended crowns

deco nordic interior idea crown suspension design deco idea interior design

Alternative idea for the Christmas tree

decoration scandinavian design idea christmas suspension table wood design low

decoration christmas red idea ribbon suspension interior nordic style

christmas decoration christmas decoration christmas party decoration christmas party interior

deco christmas nordic black white design candle holder wood christmas candles

christmas christmas tree deco design christmas tree idea

christmas tree idea decoration to make yourself easy design

christmas decoration christmas idea nordic design scandinavian christmas

deco fir tree nordic idea christmas garland garland

christmas decoration door flower idea interior minimalist northern style

deco minimalist christmas nordic style design suspension diy

christmas decoration nordic style idea star suspension design Scandinavian wood table

interior decoration snowflakes paper suspension idea interior decoration

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