Seasonal vegetables: start your sowing in March!

seasonal vegetables basket

To eat seasonal vegetables who come from your garden during the summer, you must already plan your seedling in March. If you wait May or June to plan your vegetable garden it will be too late for most vegetables, and you are likely to have to buy them elsewhere.

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seasonal vegetables for the summer

local producer harvest

Despite the development of local and organic producers where you can find quality products that value the terroir, the satisfaction of eating the products of your garden has no equivalent. Offering your loved ones and family seasonal vegetables that you have watered with love and patience will give you the unique feeling of reappropriating your diet, with respect for the planet and future generations.

vegetables watered with love

seasonal vegetables transplant land

Starting with tomatoes, you can sow them in indoor planter boxes in the month of March, well sheltered behind your windows, if you do not have one. greenhouse or a winter garden. Jars of yogurts are ideal, sow 3 seeds at a time, and you will keep 2 small robust plans that you will transplant together in the garden as soon as they have developed their first leaves, count two to three weeks. Tie them to a guardian with raffia and you'll get a harvest in June.

tie the tomatoes with a guardian of raffia

organic vegetable harvest

Onions are to be planted from March to April, for an early fall harvest. When the upper part looks dry and turns yellow, wait another week and store them in a cool, dry place. Ditto for cucumbers, which will come out of the ground in April, for a harvest from July to September. Provide a fence or rope on which they can climb.

provide a fence for cucumbers

tutor cucumber credits MAP Strauss

Carrots and radishes can be planted from April to August, keep a distance between the plants so that they can grow freely. If you plant your lettuce in April, you can harvest it until autumn. The beans must be sown when the risk of night frosts will be gone.

carrots and radishes, from April to August

easy season vegetables carrots

these colored carrots are the food coloring of tomorrow

colored carrot varieties J. Clotault Agrocampus Angers

the tomatoes in clusters are of an easy culture, because light

seasonal vegetables small tomatoes clusters

green beans are delicious, but their picking is very tedious!

seasonal vegetables green beans

colorful seasonal vegetables

spacing between carrots

vegetable garden lettuce

lighten rows carrots vegetable garden

seasonal vegetables culture balcony

cucumbers land terroirs of chefs

green tomato

easy seasonal vegetables cucumbers

seasonal vegetables delicious tomatoes

variety tomatoes red yellow heart-beef

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