Set up a dining area in the garden under a pergola

outdoor dining area garden idea

This is the last straight before the arrival of the spring After a winter that seems to be over, so let's take the lead by preparing a nice outdoor dining area to enjoy the first days of good weather.

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We will explore today various outdoor facilities to spend good moments with family or with our friends, creating an atmosphere conducive to conviviality and good mood.

a convivial dining area

dining area wood idea bench design

To delimit our dining area and convert it as one of the rooms in the house, the use of a pergola is ideal, if you already have one. Otherwise, for a seasonal landscaping, you can consider the use of an arbor. The important thing is to reserve a place, which over the meals, will be the sanctuary of your social and gastronomic life, in which you will have landmarks as well as all the necessary accessories for not having to go back to find a salt or a salt cellar. stopper by leaving your guests.

a sanctuary for relaxation

dining area arbor terrace

Now that we have defined the outdoor structure of our dining area, we will look at its furnishings, then the accessoirisation essential to fully enjoy the time spent outside, feasting. Furnishings will inevitably have hooked atoms with the shelter under which you will find yourself. Indeed, there are pergolas and arbours of all styles, and in a wide variety of materials.

furnishing in the style of the decor

pergola design furniture

If you do not want to limit your dining space in one style, which means a significant investment in a garden room for example, you can opt for an eclectic style, which combines perfectly with sometimes rustic, sometimes bohemian nuances or an industrial and contemporary touch.

rustic and natural style

integrated pergola nature

This is an excellent opportunity to lighten your interior by targeting some furniture on which you would have had a crush, but despite all your efforts, can not seem to find their place, to come decorate your dining area. All in all, it's about shopping for furniture that clutters up some rooms, but also decorative objects, or redundancies of kitchen equipment that you have in duplicate.

reuse your home decor accessories

dining area lanterns decorative objects

Like honeymooners, make a list of everything you think you need to be able to enjoy your meals outside; it turns out that most of us have a cardboard box that is dormant in the attic full of accessories that are still functional, but that have been shelved as a result of purely consumerist considerations for the purchase of new equipment, or because of duplication. by a gift made by one of our friends.

dare a lot of accessories

solid wood layout lanterns

In an outdoor setting, garden benches are often very suitable for giving the dining area a Gallic banquet atmosphere, they are available in a wide range of materials and finishes. A pretty wooden bench , with a slight white patina, will be ideal to create a country setting, while bringing comfort and textures by the use of padded cushions, which can be linen if you choose a white decoration, with all its nuances of gray or beige.

white decoration made warmer with the cushions

white wood furniture cushions

For a more bohemian style, the bright colored cushions, of different sizes and textures, can be imagined posed on the ground, on a recovered carpet, and around a coffee table, for an atmosphere of the Arabian Nights. Complete this oriental-inspired decor with a beautiful Moroccan lantern, even several, some will contain candles, others an electric lighting. In the evening, your lighting becomes crucial to guarantee a change of scenery a few meters from your home. If you are not very campfire, sinks are available for minimal maintenance, running on methanol or with firebombs easy to ignite. Be creative, and allow yourself what you might not dare to do in interior design. Our photos are there to inspire you in this way.

create an oriental atmosphere

Moroccan lanterns oriental atmosphere

have your own style

pergola bamboo washbasin fire

for many feasts

pergola metal furniture masonry

a haven of peace

dining area heating booster

to fully enjoy the garden

dining area pergola fountain

outdoor life

dining room pergola arranged central fireplace

pergola rustic style

a wooden bench for a rustic atmosphere

dining room pergola tin roof

harmony of wood and stone

pergola summer kitchen

poolside pergola

tree shadow pergola

dining area sink fire

summer lounge pergola

pergola stone fountain

pergola terrace wall hangings

dining room vegetable partitions eclectic furniture

open fire place

wisteria shade pergola

wooden floor pergola

pergola surrounded roses

roof roof tree pot

assortment decorative lanterns

oriental lantern lighting

natural romantic dining area

dining area wood idea pots flowers

pergola Sonoma open fire

dining area pergola idea

nice shaded dining area

outdoor dining area arrange idea table metal

beachside pergola

sheltered dining area terrace

wood table seats rattan

enchanting terrace layout

dining area shelters wood

candles protected lanterns

pergola protected mosquito net roof sheets

vegetable cover metal support

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