Set up a summer kitchen with a relax area in the garden

summer kitchen photos with dining area

A summer kitchen is a place that not only serves to prepare food, but is also often used as a living room. stay shaded outside the house.

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It is a place to live particularly essential in regions with warmer weather, to protect against the assaults of the sun.

the summer kitchen, essential to the hot climate

summer kitchen modern design terrace

If you have a door to the garden that you do not borrow often, you could arrange a transition room between inside and outside. This would allow you to feel outside, without having to go through a blazing sun during periods of heat wave.

a transition room

summer kitchen outdoor photos modern terraces

This summer kitchen can be arranged in a modern and contemporary style, or rustic, Provençal or Mediterranean. It is relatively easy to make a structure in beams, a little in the style of a pergola, which you could then cover with burrs, or climbing plants. And if you are motivated, you can build a room, one of which would be open, overlooking the garden, but with access to the interior of the house.

beams covered with canisse

modern summer kitchen amenagement terraces

This room can be arranged in the optics of a small apartment, with kitchen and space to take meals, which could turn into a garden lounge to have a drink or to gather around an open fire, when the evenings refresh.

a mini-apartment

summer kitchen outdoor decoration scandinavian terrace

If you opt for a modern style, you can buy garden furniture and summer kitchen and thus create your dream place. Another trend alternative is to manufacture or buy furniture for recovery, wood pallets for example.

modern furniture for a modern style

outdoor kitchen stainless steel worktop

In a more rustic style, the wooden bench is a must, but the stone furniture is always more fashionable, and will make you feel like a Roman emperor. This summer, you will have a hard time going on vacation, because they are the ones who will invite you to your home! See our gallery.

kitchen for the summer: landscaping style exterior

summer kitchen sink stone

open kitchen deco idea with outside dining area

summer kitchen large wood table

terrace kitchen with living room and dining area

outdoor summer lounge

outdoor kitchen and dining area

outdoor kitchen furniture wood

relaxing outdoor kitchen for your summer terrace

summer kitchen walls stones

to feel like an emperor

terrace frontage sea

the stone is a unique material

worktop stone old protection glass

a Mediterranean atmosphere

outdoor kitchen ceiling canisse

everything is ready for friends

summer kitchen rustic barbecue

a cool place

living room table cave suspensions

admire the landscape!

pergola metal rattan furniture

outdoor kitchen coated tadelakt

rustic outdoor kitchen

summer kitchen built rock

fully equipped summer kitchen

compact summer kitchen protection canisse

summer kitchen cover canisse

summer kitchen plan work concrete

summer kitchen terrace

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