Shabby chic garden layout in 46 ideas for spring

garden furniture shabby chic idea

The shabby chic decor style was introduced for the first time by Rachel Ashwell in the 80s and since then it has become an empire of decoration.

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Its characteristics are worn-out materials, antique furniture, Chinese porcelain dishes and cups, pastel colors and vintage chandeliers. But the shabby chic style does not stop at the front door - it continues in the outdoor space as a mix of English country style and recycled vintage elements. So how does one do a garden layout shabby chic ? In reality, the garden shabby chic is not at all easy to create.

Shabby chic garden layout with vintage table and chairs

garden furniture shabby chic modern idea

As for the plants and the design of the shabby chic garden, the space must seem random, even a little wild. Choose and plant a wide variety of plants to accentuate the look of your garden. You can opt for an arbor of vines or cedar and decorate it with climbing roses and other climbing species such as wisteria, trumpet vines and ivy, for example. Choose annuals such as geranium in vintage and worn-looking planters such as woven baskets or terracotta pots, for example.

Original garden decoration idea

garden furniture shabby chic flowers idea

What you can also do is decorate your garden with a vintage tub with feet and fill it with different cooking herbs or cut the middle of the seat of a vintage chair and insert a colorful flower pot. Another interesting idea is to float roses in vintage tea cups with floral designs and place them on the garden table.

Contemporary garden layout in shabby chic style

modern shabby chic garden furniture

In the shabby chic garden it is very important to create a casual and casual dining area with mixed kitchen chairs painted white, pastel pink or green with a vintage finish. Combine these chairs with a kitchen table with porcelain or wood surface, suitable for outdoor use. Use a vintage floral or lace tablecloth to create a more formal look.

Shabby chic garden with interesting decoration

shabby chic garden layout

Creating a relaxing space in one of the corners of the garden is also a great idea. Furnish this corner with wooden chairs, decorated with decorative floral cushions. You can also use a white or pink balance chair, but be sure to give it a vintage look again, perhaps removing the top layer of your painting.

Romantic garden decoration

garden furniture shabby chic furniture

Accessories are another element you need to think about for shabby chic garden furniture. You can decorate the garden paths or your porch with vintage bird cages made of cables to give it a Victorian look. Accent the flower beds using a variety of stone cherubs of different sizes. Create a romantic atmosphere by hanging a vintage chandelier at a tree branch.

Veranda decorated in shabby chic style

landscaping shabby chic veranda

Idea of ​​accessories for the shabby chic garden

landscaping shabby chic white

Corner seating dinner in a shabby chic garden

landscaping shabby chic style garden

Garden decorated with flowers and green plants

landscaping shabby chic flowers

garden furniture shabby chic design furniture

garden furniture shabby chic idea

landscaping shabby chic deco interessante

garden furniture shabby chic decor

landscaping garden bench garden

landscaping idee deco

landscaping garden idea mebles

garden landscaping green plants

garden furniture shabby chic bench

landscaping shabby chic deco

garden furniture shabby chic design

garden furniture shabby chic modern design

garden furniture shabby chic armchair

garden furniture shabby chic furniture

landscaping shabby chic plants

garden furniture shabby chic table

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shabby chic garden deco

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