Shabby chic style: inspiring ideas for the living room

interior deco ideas living room design shabby

To give your living room a romantic and feminine atmosphere, adopt the shabby chic style by taking inspiration from this beautiful collection of ideas! The shabby chic decor comes from the interior design of our neighbors across the Channel.

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The furniture and accessories of the large country houses in England gave birth to this style. One of its most important and interesting aspects is the recycling and renovation of old objects. These are accommodated in contemporary interiors by means of techniques such as painting and cutting, for example. The houses of this style are elegant, refined and a little nostalgic, without being too pretentious or too kitsch. Read on to discover our tips for a living room decor with a shabby chic atmosphere!

Living room with shabby chic decor and fireplace

photo stay romantic deco

Objects and furniture of this style are often recovered and adapted for new use. So, they are also usually covered with several layers of paint that should not try to hide, but to highlight. In case you have a rather new furniture, you also have the opportunity to imitate the appearance of all these old layers using modern techniques. If you intend to acquire new furniture, which you will then transform using such techniques, prefer those with ornaments and decorative motifs that are reminiscent of the past and bring a note nostalgic.

Furniture idea for shabby chic style living room deco

shabby style decoration living rooms

With regard to fabrics, the characteristic materials for this romantic style are cotton and linen. Shabby chic is inspired by the tradition and the historical contacts between Britain and France, this type of fabric, which are made in France in respect of the techniques of the past, are particularly popular.

Living room decoration in shabby chic style with cushions and floral pattern

shabby style living room decoration

As you can see in the pictures in our gallery, the specific shabby chic colors are white and beige. The shades of these colors are suitable not only for painting furniture and fabric colors, but also for walls and floor coverings. This range is often married with floral motifs that are drawn from the decoration in english style , like those in the collections of Laura Ashley . They appear on wallpapers, throws and curtains as well as on furniture and decorative objects. If the palette of neutral colors is not your cup of tea, then opt for that pastel colors.

Shabby chic style interior with fireplace

idea deco living room design chabby chic

The decorative accessories you can use to complete the look of your living room will also be inspired by the past and will bear its mark: vases, plates and bowls with floral motifs; the paintings with romantic landscapes and the rattan baskets are the perfect complements for the design of such a living room. Lovers of this kind of romantic and feminine design could also complement their seaside-style accessories interiors, vintage nordic or English, which will bring intriguing details to a living room with shabby chic decor. Here is now our beautiful gallery of trade shows in this style:

Shabby style living room deco

shabby style deco stays

Shabby style living room decoration idea

shabby style living room decoration

Shabby chic style interior and living room with romantic decor

shabby chic style romantic living room interior

Image of shabby chic style living room

shabby chic salons style

Photo of shabby chic style living room

photo stays shabby chic style

Shabby chic interior decor

shabby chic interior deco style living room

Shabby chic style and living room decor

shabby style deco lounge chic

Romantic living room decoration

romantic living room decoration idea

Living room decoration in shabby chic style

shabby chic style living room decoration

Living room and dining room with shabby chic decor

chic lounge dining room deco shabby

Image of living room with shabby chic design

deco living room design shabby

Romantic living room decor

shabby-style living room layout

Living room with a feminine atmosphere

deco stay romantic atmosphere

Interior with romantic and shabby chic decor

chic design lounge image

Living room with vintage style decor

vintage deco living room photos

photos living room romantic decoration

interior decoration living room shabby style

romantic interior deco

decoration of small living room deco chic

furniture decoration style shabby chic

shabby chic interior layout

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