Shabby style: 25 great ideas for a chic Valentine's Day!

nice decoration view hearts

February 14, a day like all the others, you will say to yourself. Yes, except that it is love that floats in the air. Even the greatest skeptic can feel the magic of this magnificent madness named love.

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You can make this party unforgettable, just choose the decorative style. There are many ways to decorate.

A fireplace and a shabby chic decor

shabby chic fireplace view

Why not try the style shabby ? Yes, this chic and elegant style was launched in the 80s and popularized by Rachel Ashwell. Shabby chic is a must-have style today. The colors are pastel, delicate and powdery. It is a very romantic style almost baroque, but without being retro.

Pastel colors and shabby chic decor for Valentine's Day

pastel colors shabby chic valentine's day

This gentle trend will give your home the perfect atmosphere for Valentine's Day . You can even decorate yourself. It's convenient, easy to do and cheap. You can use lots of materials: paper, textiles, wood, you can even reuse your old postcards.

Valentine's day with a chic decoration with old postcards

saint valentin chic decoration

All this will give your space a warm and comfortable charm. Let your imagination be free ! Have fun creating your mood of love. If you do not have a clear idea where to start, follow our examples below. We offer small ideas that are simple, beautiful to look at and easy to make. The important thing is to make you forget the worries of every day and to embark on this adventure.

DIY decoration for saint salentine

Diy decoration saint valentine heart

February 14th is a day like any other, you will tell yourself. Yes, but love is inviting in our hearts to stay there not one day but the whole year. It's also the party of pleasure, so let go and discover our festive selection. Here ! Your Valentine's Day will be unforgettable, filled with emotions, warmth, sweet words and beautiful chic objects, sabby chic!

A headboard as a decoration for Valentine's Day

zoom head bed decoration saint valentin

A small tree as decoration Valentine's Day

zoom small tree decoration valentine's day

A decoration of a beautiful chic Valentine's day table

zoom decoration beautiful table valentine chic

Three hearts DIY style shabby

three hearts DIY style shabby view

A big metal heart and candles as decoration

view big heart metal candles decoration

A table decoration for Valentine's day shabby style

saint shabby style table decoration view

DIY decoration for Valentine's Day with hearts in white

DIY decoration view valentine day hearts white

shabby style DIY decoration

simple estetique decoration saint valentin

little shabby chic DIY hearts

nice little decoration valentine's day

big red heart valentine's day

decoration valentine style shabby white

original wall decoration chabby style

beautiful shabby chic style decoration

decoration branches tree hearts valentine

decoration hearts shabby style lace

hearts decoration shabby chic

beautiful idea valentine saint crown roses

beautiful courone decoration saint valentine

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