Shoe cabinet: modern storage ideas

shoe cabinet practical entrance decoration

The shoe cabinet is an imperative in the modern house. Wooden or plastic, cabinet or shelf type, it is a storage for every day. But what is the right shoe cabinet for your home?

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We offer solutions for houses, large and small, with this article and 25 pictures of different shoe storage.

The shoe cabinet: a necessity for the modern house

closet shoe cabinet with bench

If you are lucky enough to live in a house or a large apartment, you probably have a dressing . Our advice in this case is to think of the installation of shelves or a cupboard for storing your shoes to avoid piling them up in a room. corner of your dressing room and abrade them. For seasonal shoes, which you use most often, you can provide a little extra storage. You can reserve a place under the coat rack and complete it with nice boxes to store your shoes in. the entrance to the house .

Shoe cabinet: how to find the right type of storage for your home?

shoe cabinet for stairs plastic furniture

If your home is small, do not despair! You can find a good way to store your shoes even if you live in a small space apartment. To have more storage space, it is to free the space of small objects which accumulate and create the impression of a house in disorder. For this reason, shoe storage is essential even for small homes.

Practical shoe cabinet for entry in white by Ikea

ikea storage spaces

Shelves that can be installed on a door are quite often a good option. Made of fabric, metal or plastic, they are the ideal solution for small dressings or a wardrobe. To complete this storage, you can hang on one of the walls in your entrance a small piece of furniture to store your shoes of season. Find more ideas for furniture of shoes while contemplating the photos below!

Wooden shoe cabinet

wooden shoe cabinet cushion idea

Shoe cabinet and coat rack

wooden shoe cabinet dressing room entrance cloakroom idea

Wooden entrance furniture

furniture wooden shoe idea cloakroom deco wall

Shoe cabinet, coat rack and shelves

shoe cabinet storage wood drawer idea coat rack shelves

Shoe cabinet and bench

wooden shoe cabinet bench trend deco wall chart

Entry Planning Idea

arrangement entry wood idea shoe cabinet

Storage for plastic shoes for entrance

furniture for entrance storage of shoes

Shoe cabinet and wooden storage for small space or entrance with baskets

boxes for shoes and shelf entry

Shoe cabinet and storage for small wooden entrance

wooden shelves hallway furniture for shoes

Idea storage of wooden shoes and white

small furniture for shoes modern design

Wooden shoe cabinet suitable for small spaces with storage

vintage wooden shelf shoe cabinet

Storage of wooden shoes

vintage furniture for entrance shoe box

Shoe cabinet with bench for entrance decoration

furniture entrance bench shoes and storage

black furniture storage shoes

bench coat rack shelves of shoes

box for shoes entrance furniture

dressing room furniture storage

storage cabinet white shelves for shoes

modern storage of shoes

hallway wardrobe storage practical storage

shoe box white shoe shelves

shoe storage coat rack with white furniture

vintage furniture wooden entrance arrangement

cabinets storage storage hallway wood

closets shoes and wooden shoes

shelves for shoes dressing and door

shoe cupboards wardrobe and wardrobe

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