Shoe storage: ideas for wardrobe and dressing room

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This article will give you practical advice for organizing and storing shoes for your wardrobe or dressing room; find them quickly here! Who does not like beautiful accessories: handbags, scarves and designer jewelry?

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But, above all, who does not like designer shoes? If you are like us, you tend to spend a lot to buy a nice pair of boots, pumps or ballet flats. And you probably have a very large collection of different models that you want, probably, wear for a very long time, keeping them in good condition!

Shoe storage idea for cabinet with doors

storage shoes furniture amenagement dressing

As you know, the way you store your precious pair of shoes or sneakers will determine how long you can enjoy it. Better rows, they will make you happy longer. Conversely, if you do not have a good method of organizing and maintaining your collection, it may deteriorate very quickly. Here are some tips that will help you preserve your shoes and keep them in good condition in your wardrobe or dressing room.

Shoe Storage with Shelves for Wardrobe Cabinet by Diane Bergeron

furniture dressing room furniture

To choose a type of storage for your shoes, start by determining what is your preferred method of organization. The pairs you have purchased can be placed on multi-level shelves in your cabinet or in boxes. It is also possible to place them in a cabinet with drawers or on bars, fixed on a vertical surface. If you have trouble deciding, gather all your shoes collection (summer, winter, for evenings and outings every day ...) and sort out starting with the different models and sizes, in going through the height and finishing with the color. Then set aside the pairs that you wear most often and think of reserving them a special and easily accessible place.

Shoe cabinet and dressing room storage: uniform boxes

storage boxes shoes cabinets

Many people think that to stay in good shape, shoes must be kept in their boxes. This way of doing has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is absolutely not the only effective way of storage for your collection. If you want to use boxes, be aware that you do not have to keep the original packaging: you can use models of uniform boxes that have a much more aesthetic look.

Small wardrobe with shoe storage on shelves

shoe cabinet dressing interior design

If you have decided to install shelves to store your collection, do it paying attention to the height required for different types of shoes. As a rule, about 20 cm is left between the shelves, but this height may vary depending on the model. Also try to estimate the number of shelves you will need, knowing that a shelf of about 150 cm usually houses 6 or 7 pairs of sneakers.

Shoe storage for walk-in wardrobes with metal bars

furniture design shoe design

You do not wear many different models everyday? In this case, you can bet on a rack or on several shoe bars. This kind of storage is easy to install on the wall of a cabinet and allows you to visualize your entire collection in the blink of an eye. If this solution tempts you, be careful that the bars you buy are made of durable material such as wood or metal and avoid plastic. Have you already chosen the type of storage for your shoes? If you still have doubts, maybe the photos below will help you overcome them:

Idea of ​​storage shoes on shelves

idea shoe closet

Shoe storage in a modern cabinet

storage shoes modern wardrobes

Shoe storage in closet for dressing room

closet storage closet shoes

Cabinet storage with shoes

storage cabinet furniture shoes

Shoe storage in wall cabinet

wall storage shoes furniture

Dresser shoe cabinet

furniture storage shoes furniture dressing

Shoe storage in open dressing room

shoe storage amenagement open dressings

Shoe storage in modern dressing

storage shoes dressing modern design

Photo of shoe storage and cabinet for clothes

closet shoe storage clothing

Footwear and dressing room furniture

arrange his dressing storage shoes

Floor plan and shoe cabinet

closet dressing shoe plan

L-shaped dresser with shoe storage cabinets

dressing room furniture in l storage

Small shoe storage cabinet

ideas small cabinet storage shoes

small modern dressings ideas storage shoes

dressing storage shoes design

cupboard shelf shoe cabinets modern

furniture cabinet modern wardrobe closet

shoes furniture storage clothes

modern shoe cabinetry furniture

dressing room storage shoes ideas

furniture dressing cabinets shoes

shoe cabinet furniture

cabinets dressings shoe cabinet

ideas clothes storage shoes

ideas closet storage shoes

ideas storage shelves shoes

idea storage cabinet furniture shoe

idee deco dressing storage hunt

shoe storage dressing plans

ideas shoes rack bars

shelf rack cabinet shoes

furniture dressing in l shoes

furniture organization tip storage shoes

interior organization cabinets shoes

shoe wardrobe dressing storage

wardrobe ideas store shoes

cabinets shoes dressing storage

wardrobe cabinet shoes furniture

wardrobes bedroom shelf furniture shoes

interior design dressing room dressing

modern style dressing shoes storage

storage shoes compact small space

ideas storage shoes ikea furniture

shoe storage interior interior design

wardrobe storage shoes cabinet

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