Short haircut: trends not to be missed for autumn 2015

elegant short hairstyle

With this folder of more than 100 photos, we present you short hairstyle man trends for the autumn 2015 and ideas for wearing these modern cuts . With the approach of late summer and early fall, the world of fashion comes alive and we are becoming more and more impatient to discover the trends for the end of the year period.

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For all those who want to prepare in advance, here are our proposals for hairstyles for men and ideas for looks with these modern haircuts.

Short hairstyle man idea for autumn

short man George Clooney hairstyle

This end of the year is marked by a trend back to fashion of the 70s in the world of men's outfits. For many people, this period is associated with hippie fashion, bohemian chic and long manes. But, as you will see in our picture gallery, this type of hairstyle is completely absent from the male trends of the season. Instead, think of the short, glamorous and sexy haircuts worn during the same period.

Short hairstyle man and autumn outfit

hairstyle man short outfit autumn

The fall-winter trend in question is elegant and chic. It is characterized by fur clothing, coats of large size and fabrics printed with animal motifs. To accompany this kind of outfit, nothing better than a short hairstyle in gradient. Neat, she is also a little provocative and rebellious.

Short men's hairstyle and 70's inspired look

hairstyle man short years 70

The image above makes you think of the look of John Travolta in his movies of the 70s? No wonder, since men's haircuts inspired by this look are at the center of fall-winter trends. Fill them with faux leather clothing or accessories, such as a jacket or even trousers.

Trendy men's look inspired by the 70s

hairstyle man short autumn-hair-cut-trend

Who says hairstyle of the 70s, also says rebel look. If you are not ready to completely part with your long hair, try a mid-length cut. And while you're there, try a casual look with jeans and black sweater, ideal for the cooler times of the year.

Short-haired men's hairstyle idea for the side

short haired man hairstyle

Those who love provocative hairstyles might also like another variation of the short hairstyle in shades. It has its origins in the period of birth of the punk style, also dating back to the 70s. The masculine hairstyle that is directly inspired by this style is shaved on the side and long above, as in the photo. above.

Three ideas for short haircuts for men

men's short haircut for 2015

This type of haircut offers many possibilities for more elegant or more relaxed hairstyles. Hair can be worn back to work, for a more professional and serious look; with more casual clothes, they can be worn on the side.

Trendy men's hair style and hipster style

modern hairstyles man 2015

Variations of this short and mid-length cut will also appeal to those who love the hipster style. As we know, this is a style that has become very popular in recent years.

Autumn-winter trends: short man hairstyle

trendy men's hairstyle

The modern hipster style is highly individualistic, both in terms of clothing and hairstyle. Becoming a real movement, this style of dress fits very well with hairstyles somewhat provocative. They come from the 70s.

Men's cutting ideas for 2015

2015 men's cut photos

Because, do not forget, it was during this period that whiskers and beards were trendy accessories of the male look ... So much so that we wore false mustaches to change appearance quickly! And rightly, the shaved hairstyle on the side and long above harmonizes perfectly with the original and nice fashion choices of hipster fashion.

Short man hairstyle: sport style trend

sporty man hairstyles

The new trends for the autumn-winter 2015 period are also marked by sports-inspired outfits. Designers have long recognized that sports-style outfits offer a lot of comfort and freedom of movement. For this reason, accessories and sportswear are now successfully integrated into the trends of women's and men's fashion.

Autumn summer men's haircut - place with sports-inspired hairstyles!

hairstyle man short trends-fall-winter

And that's great because this type of outfit can be accompanied by a sporty style short haircut. Here again, there is a trace of the influence of the 1970s. This is the period during which very short cuts were brought in the United States by immigrants from Jamaica.

Short haircut idea for men

short hair cut man fashion

In turn, this haircut trend has inspired artists like Desmond Dekker. They wore a hairstyle similar to that of the contemporary military, also called "rough boy". Those who prefer very short cuts could be inspired for a modern and practical look.

Short man hairstyle: parade of Jil Sander

fall-winter fashion short hair cut

If you want a fashionable hairstyle for this autumn-winter 2015, choose a short and elegant haircut inspired by the 70s. Do not forget to match it with some accessories borrowed from the fashion of this same period.

How to wear a short man's cut to follow fashion trends of the moment?

hairstyle man short cut-trend-sun-glasses

For a top look this fall winter season, we also put on the star colors of the season. Among these, we find in particular brown, burgundy and gray.

Trendy hairstyle for short hair

modern hairstyles man cuts 2015

And this is very good since these colors are always fashionable during this cool season. We all have a jacket or a shirt of one of these shades in his wardrobe!

Men's Casual Style Casual Hairstyle

modern man short cut

Moreover, the slightly rebellious or sporty look is always associated with leather jackets. Nowadays, genuine leather is often replaced by its ecological equivalent. A more accessible and respectable alternative to nature, to absolutely adopt!

2015 trends and short hairstyle

trend hairstyle 2015 man short haircut

Whether you're a fan of the casual style or leaning toward formal-style clothing, the men's short-sleeved this season can be easily adapted to the outfits you wear.

Short and sexy cut for autumn

modern cuts for men

And if you still need a little persuasion to adopt a trendy short haircut, also remember that short hair is much easier to maintain. Nothing better for active people in busy mornings!

Why choose a trendy hairstyle shaved on the sides

hairstyle man hair short 2015

If it is a man hairstyle that easily reconciles short hair and easy care cut, it is the one with shaved head on the side. It will seduce you especially if you like to experiment with your hair from time to time, while having the freedom not to invest too much time in your everyday look.

Modern man and trendy hairstyle

modern man trend hairstyles

Another advantage of the man hairstyle of this type: it is declined in different versions and is suitable for all types of hair. Good news for those who have trouble controlling their hair from time to time!

Trend of hairstyle man 2015

trends 2015 hairstyle man short

After the runway podiums, the stars are the first to offer cuts that announce the trends to follow this autumn winter season. And, as you will see in our gallery, the people favor short haircuts that are easy to wear. Get inspired to welcome back to school with style!

Trends for fall 2015: short hairstyle man and beard

short hairstyles 2015 man

Speaking of hairstyles trend for men, impossible to ignore another trend that promises and promises to stay: that of beards. Worn long or short, they remain a symbol of rebel and masculine style.

Men's trends: short and medium hair

man trends hair short mid long

Side beard man and mustaches, freedom is big enough. Everyone can choose the length and style he prefers. In the case of long beards, we will not forget to invest in some mandatory maintenance accessories. They will serve you faithfully because, as we have said, this trend promises to stay in the coming seasons!

Fashion man fall winter 2015 and trendy look

autumn hair fashion man

In short, this autumn winter season, the trends of men's hairstyle invite you to stay chic while offering you a lot of freedom. All of this, crowned by the fact that these cuts are easy to match with almost any style of dress. So there are so many good reasons to treat yourself to a men's haircut to change your look at the arrival of September and October.

Trends for autumn and men's haircut with short hair

autumn man cuts short hair

Choose clothes that reflect your personal style and that best fit your body shape. And pair them with one of the trendy hairstyles of the moment. You will not regret it, we promise you!

Short men's cuts trends 2015 - ideas in pictures!

images haircut fashion man

At present, we invite you to check out all the short hair man hair style ideas for the fall-winter period with the images below:

Trends 2015 and short men's haircut

short man trends

Trendy fashion and stylish man's cut

trendy men's haircut

Trend and hairstyle for short hair for men

modern hairstyle man short hair

Men's Hairstyle Ideas - Short Hair

short man hairstyles pictures

Men's haircut - short haircut - for fall and winter

man short hairstyles winter

Short cut idea for men

man cuts and hairstyles

Fashion trends and idea of ​​men's haircut 2015

trends man hair cuts

Fall winter fashion and short haircut idea and man hairstyle

winter cuts hairstyle man short

Photo of short haircut and idea of ​​trendy hairstyle man

short hairstyle man pictures

Hairstyle man and short hair

short hairstyle

Example of hair styling for short hair for autumn 2015

short hair modern hairstyle

Man with short haircut

man short hairstyles

Men's hairstyle trends with short haircut

man trends short haircut

Hairstyle for short hair and man trends

man in fashionable short hairstyle

Man and short hair trends

short hair modern man

Man with modern short hair

modern men short hair images

Fashion style and hairstyle man

fashion hairstyle man short

Haircut and fall-winter trends for men

man cuts winter trend

Trendy men's cut model in 2015

men's cuts 2015 trend

Trendy man haircut for fall

autumn fashion man trend

Trendy haircut idea for men

fashion haircut for men

Short cut for men in 2015

fashion man 2015 hairstyle

Look and cut men: trends 2015

2015 men's haircut

cut boys trends fall

fashion man cutting ideas

modern cut man short hair

modern man cutting images

modern men's short haircut

modern man chic haircuts

cuts degrade fashion trends man

hair hairstyles man 2015 fashion

men's haircuts trends 2015

fashion man hairstyles 2015

short haircut trend 2015

modern short hair man haircut

men's hipster haircut for 2015

sportsman short haircuts

modern man haircuts

beautiful haircut for men

modern man short hair haircut

short hair man's cut 2015

man hairstyles for 2015 trends

short man hairstyles 2015 fashion

2015 men's hipster hairstyles

hairstyle trend man hair autumn

mid hairstyle man long hair ideas

boy and man hairstyle 2015

autumn fashion man hairstyle

hairstyle man 2015 fashion trends

men's short hairstyle 2015 trends

short hairstyle trendy men

short man hairstyle in fashion 2015

modern hairstyles 2015 haircuts

modern man short hairstyles

male degradée hairstyle

short man elegant hairstyle

modern short man hairstyles in 2015

degraded hairstyle young man

degraded hairstyles man short haircuts

fall-winter fashion short hairstyle

fashionable hairstyle man 2015

short hair hairstyle

trend hairstyle man short hair

modern man hairstyle short hair

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chic short man hairstyle 2015

modern short man hairstyle photos

fashion fall-winter hairstyle man

short hairstyles 2015 man

short hairstyle man 2015 trends

short hairstyle elegant man

hairstyle man fashion style

hairstyle in degrade modern man

man hairstyle ideas 2015

fashion hairstyle man short haircut

short and medium length haircuts

short hair degradee hairstyle

hairstyles short hair cuts trends

hairstyle short hair man cuts

hair styles for blond hair

2015 men's short haircut

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