Shrub size: some practical tips


In this article we will talk about the size of shrubs which plays an important role for the development and flowering of plants. It is very important to develop a list of all species of shrubs that you have before you start pruning.

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Each species has a characteristic form and requires a specific size technique. You can make shrub size for almost any species in early spring.

Shrub size - some useful tips

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To begin, you must remove all dead and damaged branches, as well as diseased leaves. It is important to do this for the sick parts of the plant to prevent the disease from affecting the whole plant. You can also remove any parts of the plant that touch the ground or come out of the shape you want to give to the plant.

Tips for pruning shrubs

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Remove about one-third of the branches that grow from the stems. Some plants grow new stems each year. You usually have to remove the old stems to control the shrub size. You can also prune the new stems in case you want less dense shrubs. Do not cut new growth with hedge scissors! This will stimulate the growth of the outer branches and force the plant to develop a non-natural form. The plant will become larger and you will find it difficult to control its size.

You can start pruning shrubs early in the spring

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You must cut the entire branches if you want to control the shape and size of the shrub. Choose a few whole branches to cut each year. This opens the plant to light and encourages healthy growth from within. It is very important to learn about the species before you start shrub size Annual.

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